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Developers, technical consultants and application controllers

The target of this course is to gain basic knowledge of Document Creator, to be able to create and modify Document Creator report layouts, and also to convert Dynamics NAV 5 / 2009 classic reports.

After the installation we configure NAV to use Document Creator. We create new reports and design the layout with Document Creator. We create totals, Transheaders and Transfooters. We also edit existing reports and convert classic reports to reports with a Document Creator layout. Furthermore attention is paid to other functionalities like the storage of translations and the Document Creator Designer Demo tool.

After the training you will be able to create and modify Document Creator reports for Microsoft Dynamics NAV, and convert classic reports.

Knowledge of and experience with creating and modifying classic reports in Microsoft Dynamics NAV is necessary. 


  • Basic: Integration of Document Creator in NAV     
  • Installation of Document Creator 
  • Set up within NAV   
  • Datasets
  • Document Creator Report Designer   
  • Translations
  • Document Convertor 
  • Document Creator Designer Demo 

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