Labor, space and material planning is key, but don’t forget about sales, purchasing, inventory management, and finance. Find out 8 ways how Agriware 365 Management Software helps leading ornamental growers for +15 years to thrive in their businesses. 

1. Production optimization

• Software can support both productions to order & production to stock processes
• Make forecast planning with scenarios
• Generate automated production plan proposal
• Get you integral planning of labor, space, and materials
• Forward and backward planning

2. Track & Trace

• Gives you complete batch tracking from purchase, and production until shipment
• Lot tracking of supplied base materials (seed, cutting, tissue culture)

3. Crop Management

• Schedule and register crop treatments per job or section
• Manage planned inspections (quality, germination count)
• Ad-hoc inspections and follow-up with treatments

4. Activity & time management

• Pre-scheduled activities based on the production plan
• Resource planning, rosters, and timesheets.
• Work assignment; team leads of operators
• Mobile registration of work execution
• Time registration; export to payroll software

5. Greenhouse capacity

• Manage available space capacity per location and section
• Insight into both history, and short and long-term space capacity
• Find and resolve space capacity bottlenecks
• Graphical maps of locations and sections
• Optimal space planning

6. Costing

• Activity-based costing and integrated in financial administration (WIP)
• Collect direct production costs (Material, Labor) with workfloor registration
• Assign indirect production costs (Space utilization, energy, overhead) based on consumed area / leadtime.

7. Sales

• Order management (long-term, day trading)
• Accurate product availability
• Price management
• Integration with trading platforms (NL)
• Pre- and post-calculation Sales Margins (produce to order)
• Composite products (pot, sleeve, sticker)

8. Inventory & Logistics

• Warehouse management.
• Support for plant picking process to order and to stock
• Support for packing process (composite products)
• Optimized load structures (container, pallet, cart layout)
• Shipment planning for own drivers
• Container administration (reusable items)


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