Recently I have been occupied professionally with the cultivation of cannabis. No, I am not a criminal and neither is Mprise Agriware. However, as a company we can respond to challenges faced by growers of medicinal cannabis both in the Netherlands and abroad.

Growing Cannabis with strict rules

Cannabis is a mind-expanding substance, a drug, and as such banned in many countries. However, cannabis appears to be able to provide good services in health care. As a pain reliever and anti-inflammatory medicine, but also for the treatment of specific ailments and diseases such as epilepsy or cancer.

In Canada, parts of the USA and various European countries (including the Netherlands, Denmark and Germany) it can be used for medical purposes, on doctor's advice. Naturally, just like with other medicines, the government subjects the cultivation of cannabis to strict rules. This is where Mprise Agriware comes in with specialist software.

Report the life cycle of each plant

The American regulations vary from state to state, but are strict. For example, the state of New York requires cannabis growers to uniquely code each individual plant and give insight in its complete life cycle. They want to know everything, from first cutting to harvestable product. It must be reported periodically to the state... per plant!

Agriware helps growers to master exactly this trick. In Agriware you register where a plant has been, what has happened to it during cultivation, who has been with the plants and almost anything else the legislator would want to know. Agriware is rooted in plant cultivation. Similar forms of tracking and tracing are used with other products, such as Phalaenopsis. So we didn't have to reinvent the wheel completely.

Growing based on data for the right plant

Now, the cultivation is only a side issue for the average cannabis producer. In the end it is about the different active substances that can be found in the tops of the flowers, such as THC, CBD and derived types as THC-A, THC-B, etc. Each type of substance has different properties.

By combining these substances, the effect itself can be enhanced or show other properties. That is precisely why this is such an interesting and versatile product. Because every variety (yes, this industry is also actively breeding) contains different proportions and substances. The cultivation method is also an influence in this. You can understand that this is why planning, registering and analyzing this specific data is of great importance.

Insight into cannabis processing with software

Not only the cultivation, but also the processing of the harvested flower tops into various uses such as oil or pills is essential. That process is somewhat like a refining process. The active substances are extracted to pure THC and CBD, using refining techniques. They can then be combined in various proportions to make the end product.

Strict regulations also apply here, of course. Working with software throughout the entire production chain ensures full traceability and manageability for this specialist process. Complex processes become transparent, exactly what governments want.

Conclusion: software supports cannabis cultivation

Concluding: I entered the wonderous world of medicinal cannabis for Mprise Agriware. Thanks to our history in plant cultivation, relatively few changes to our software were required. Even our starting point is the same: helping customers to ensure that their cultivation and business processes run efficiently within existing legislation and regulations. You can read more about it on this page.

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