‘Digital transformation’ is a term that has been increasingly heard in recent years. Is there something new going on or is this "old wine in new bottles"? Digitalization has been around for about 50 years, hasn't it?

That is true, but certainly something new is going on. Automation is no longer limited to supporting all kinds of tasks for your employees. In many companies, purchasing, sales, financial transactions, etc. have long been supported by software systems.

What is new is that business models are changing: the online sale of plants and other living material is booming. The trend for many years in many different branches, namely order-driven production, is increasing steadily. Growers are puzzled over the issue of "how do I deliver added value?".

This development has been strongly promoted by the digital marketplaces that are also on the rise in horticulture. Digital marketplaces meet the critical consumer. They help the growers with sales, but they profile the grower as part of a large group of growers who can supply alternative products.

In short, the grower's playing field is changing due to digitalization. Hence the term digital transformation.

No one can escape digital transformation anymore. With "it will see me out" you can reassure yourself as a grower, but I fear that it will stop there.

Follow the webinar on May 20th and learn how companies in the sector deal with this.

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