Van Egmond Lisianthus produces young Lisianthus plants for Dutch and foreign growers. “We sow plugs and deliver plants 7 to 10 cm high twelve weeks later”, says Dorus de Graaf of the Rijnsburg company. Every year it accounts for a few hundred million plants. IT is important to Van Egmond Lisianthus. De Graaf: “You have to know what you have and what you can sell over time. To be able to deliver as agreed, we must know what we are sowing to the day.

Our new automation ensures that we can continue to grow with our existing team. Fewer lists to complete manually, obviously. Furthermore, our products are more traceable. You know what you deliver and what is still there. And if something goes wrong, you can intervene in a targeted manner and keep an overview of your processes”.

Orientation towards new software

When Van Egmond Lisianthus didn’t want to continue their old IT package, they started an initial search for suppliers with a new package. That started with a search for IT companies specialized in horticulture, it ended at Mprise Agriware.

“They need to understand you, and really be able to support you”, emphasizes De Graaf. “You have to be on top of it yourself, too, know what you are doing, and know the limits and the wishes of your own company very well. The development and implementation of a new IT system is a matter of constant weighing.

What will be the cost of this? What will be the profit of it? Do we have to do it this way, or can it be done otherwise? We walked all the way through with Mprise Agriware, considering that. There was a connection from the start. Based on clear considerations, we finally have chosen a proven and complete package with expansion options, based on Microsoft software. The name Microsoft is relevant to us, as the package also includes our back-office system.”

Good cooperation

Dorus de Graaf looks back at the cooperation with Mprise Agriware with pleasure. “They have real horticultural expertise and a high degree of solution orientation, although in a process like this you will have to stay alert yourself as well.

Our financial administration recently was migrated, and our CFO doesn’t want to go back anymore. Since September 1st, we have been going live with the production. The new IT ensures that you know for sure that you have sown the right variety for that specific batch of twelve weeks later. There can be no more surprises afterwards.

When going live has been successfully completed, we can see which additional links can make our processes even more efficient. Links with suppliers, internal processes, customers, etc. We also believe that our IT can help us to provide insight into bottlenecks within the product standards so that we can solve them better”.

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