Mprise Agriware News

Agriware Inspect App, as if plants could talk

By William van Loenen 30 September 2019

"If only that plant could talk..." How often did growers not make this silent wish when something happened in their crop that they could not have foreseen. Growers follow their crop as thoroughly as possible in order to give plants everything they need.


News about the Plant Passport

By John Dillon 16 May 2019

The Plant passport is an official document that is required to certify the phytosanitary status of plant material in order to trade the goods within the EU.


Mprise Agriware present at IFTEX

By Isabelle Poessé 15 May 2019

How to manage your production activities in an efficient way? How can I make crop data available for every relevant person in my company? Is it possible to inspect crops and give yield updates in a smart digital way instead of papers or Excel?


Mprise Agriware at IPM Essen with an innovative alternative

By Gert-Jan Verweij 7 September 2019

The past few years, Mprise Agriware has consistently appeared at IPM, Essen, and this year is no exception. From January 22 to 25, we are delighted to be there again. We would gladly answer your queries, and together with you, look to the future.


Mprise Agriware also present in Sival, France

By Gert-Jan Verweij 9 January 2019

Mprise Agriware is becoming more and more active beyond the confines of the Dutch border. After appearing for several years at IPM and last summer at Four Oaks in England, Mprise hopes to be present at Sival in France as well.


Mprise Agriware™ at Four Oaks Trade Show

By Gert-Jan Verweij 14 August 2018

On the 4th and 5th of September, Mprise Agriware ™ is going to be present at the Four Oaks Trade Show in Macclesfield,  south-east of Manchester. Mprise Agriware ™ has previously attended horticultural trade fairs abroad, but this is the first time that the company appears in England.  Mprise Agriware ™ hopes to meet interested companies and establish new contacts on both these days.


IS Agriware® apt for time and labor registration

By Gerlinde Kroon 30 July 2018

Register, process and analyze attendance as well as productivity of employees efficiently: how? Mprise offers a comprehensive solution!