The Plant passport is an official document that is required to certify the phytosanitary status of plant material in order to trade the goods within the EU.

As of December 14, 2019, the rules for the plant passport will change as a result of the new European Plant Health Regulation 2016/2031/EC. The 'legitimation obligation' is extended to all 'plants intended for potting', including seed, pot, bedding and container plants.

What Mprise Agriware will do

Mprise will facilitate clients with an Agriware update to support and print the Plant passport in Agriware 2017 and higher versions. The Plant passport itself, is a label with the physical dimensions of a logistical label, which can be printed within Agriware using a label printer. Together with the Agriware update, Mprise will also provide the instruction how to adjust the dimensions of the label, to ensure the label is printed properly.

Clients using an older Agriware version (2016 and lower) will need a customized label to print the Plant passport. The request to deliver a customized Plant passport can be done by reporting a call at the Mprise Servicedesk portal or in contact with the consultant.

There are growers who want to include the Plant passport in their delivery note/shipment form, because this way they don’t need to print an additional label per sales unit. The delivery note is a client specific document in NAV. Integrating the Plant passport in the clients delivery note is a customization which can be requested at Mprise Support or the related consultant. Note that in any way the grower always is responsible for the authorization with official inspection service when changing the format of the Plant passport, or including the label in other documents.

The Plant passport label will become available within Agriware from the:

  • Sales Order or Sales Order Overview page. This will print the Plant passport for each Sales Order Line, Carrier, Container, quantity or for a manual number of labels. For mixed products, the mixed sales item will be used as a source for the Plant passport.
  • Production Control page (or Job Card) to print the Plant passport within the production process. This can be used to apply the passport when planting or potting the plants, so pasting the Plant passport is done prior to selling the product. Mixed products like a Hanging Basket or multiple genera in a pot, are supported. In this scenario the Plant Passport will print all genera coming from the start/base material lines of the Job Activity Scheme.
  • This functionality will be available for implementation early July 2019.

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