Strategically steering your hortibusiness

Clear insights based on data enable people in the company to make better decisions more quickly. Ready-to-use dashboards linked to Agriware 365 Business Central, Agriware 365 Operations and to other data sources in the sector, provide direct insight. 
  1. Executive Insights to steer strategically
  2. Visualize various data and adjust
  3. Discover trends and increase predictability


Increase predictability

Measure and adjust your business performance

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Based on the information requirements of a specific role, a dashboard is developed for analysing, monitoring and controlling processes.

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360-degree view

One place for all organisational data creates a full picture. Transform your data into information and gain a deeper understanding of it.

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Put into action

Gaining insight is one thing, acting upon it is another. The right interpretation of data can steer people and your systems directly. Actionable information.

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"Agriware 365 Anaytics dashboard comprises a 360⁰ view of all our relevant cost categories"

CEO Plant Nursery P. Van Geest 

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With the current energy prices, it is even more important to have insight into the cost price.

Agriware 365 Analytics brings all the data together and provides insights for adjusting in time.

How to use it in your greenhouse?

Data is planned in ERP. Apps register real-time data. Organize this data into dashboards for reporting, measurement and prediction.

  1. Are my production schedules optimal?
    Gain insight into differences between the production schedules and reality, and see immediately how the production schedules can be improved.
  2. Given my original forecast, am I on track for production?
    Often a prognosis is made on crop group level and produced on variety. Easily monitor progress in terms of space utilization, but also cost development.
  3. What is the history of specific batches?
    Get immediate insight into the location of batches, observation history, and what fertilizers and pesticides have been applied. Assess the cause of problems based on observations.
  4. Will I be able to cover the next season's demand?
    Simulate production scenarios to meet sales forecasts. Immediately understand long-term space and labour requirements.
  5. How much manpower do we need to arrange for the upcoming weeks?
    Avoid empty hours, design and manage work schedules with a clear dashboard to get the most out of the job. 

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Agriware 365 Analytics offers customers the opportunity to convert data into action by means of future-proof software. We do this with ready-to-use dashboards that can be directly applied in your business process. Do you want a personal chat? Hit the button, ask your questions in the chat or call one of our experts.

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