Integrated Software Solution for Breeding Companies

Trialing is a specialized job, but a fundamental part of your organization, in which you also share space and labor with production.

By using our software you get more grip on the processes of planning & execution. Plan your space and labor for both production and breeding trials in 1 system and manage all people uniformly. Simply collect all data regarding growth, observations, diseases and test results with an app on the work floor. In this way a complete picture of the trial is created, which helps to determine the next step.

1-2Breeding processes

Maximize your breeding processes with the power of Agriware 365. Seamlessly plan, record, and analyze every step of your breeding operations.  With Agriware's advanced capabilities, you'll have a clear overview of the available plant material at your fingertips. 

  1. Gain market insights into demand
  2. Obtain insights on available plant materials
  3. Identify plant materials for crossbreeding
  4. Leverage Agriware's comprehensive ERP features, including family tree registration
  5. Benefit from Agriware's precise plant material calculation capabilities


Recording and Planning

New vegetable varieties are developed in response to the wishes and demands of growers, traders, food producers and consumers. Those wishes may be related to color, taste, resistance to diseases, or yields. In trial fields, male and female parent lines are planted out and monitored closely. It's a lengthy process. Developing a new variety can easily take fifteen years.

Multiple branches, multiple locations and many different specialists are involved at specific moments in the breeding process, all working with numerous small batches of plants that can behave unpredictably.

That means that there are major planning issues at various levels.

This includes:

  • A rolling long-term plan for planning the requisite financial resources and capacity.

  • An annual plan for reserving the capacity within the various teams and locations.

  • A plan for all the operational activities that have to be done daily, keeping in mind their interdependencies. Disruptive weather influences and seasonal effects must also be taken into account.

In order to support these planning processes, Agriware 365 is perfectly suited.

Modifying & Registration of lots

Once the breeding has been completed, the crossing is given its own lot number. Any necessary information can be registered on the lot in Agriware Software. Several weeks after harvesting, the results are cultivated, for example in a laboratory.

Depending on the quality of the plants, the breeds can be repeated and the process starts again from scratch.

This process repeats itself until a new commercially marketable plant is created.


Agriware 365 OperationsInspections

Inspections play a pivotal role in gathering crucial data for your hybrids, from color variations to root development, leaf characteristics, and even capturing photos.

  1. Put an end to paper-based documentation. With the Agriware Inspect App, you can effortlessly record and store all relevant information directly on your mobile device, be it a tablet or smartphone. 
  2. Even in remote areas or areas with limited connectivity, the app works seamlessly offline, ensuring uninterrupted productivity. No more waiting or depending on an internet connection - you can keep working, regardless of your location.
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" Improved data analysis of cross-pollination and breeding"
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