Integrated Process Support

As an investor, director or grower, you want to get the maximum out of all possible processes, for instance by optimizing the yields, monitoring the costs, tracing the materials, complying with regulations and using all the specialized facilities, equipment and staff effectively.

Agriware gives you full control with a complete picture of the current status and an accurate analysis of results from the past. The system makes it possible to take a clear look at the predictions for the future. Although the system can be implemented for specific subprocesses, it also has a complete ERP package based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, which provides the most user-friendly, reliable and safe software in the cannabis industry.

When growing high-quality medicinal cannabis, the related regulations can affect the efficiency of your processes because of the data recording and reporting requirements. That is why our customers are enthusiastic about how user-friendly Agriware is. Simplicity, efficiency and structure are core concepts.

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Cultivation Management

Certified cannabis growers know how difficult it can be to achieve the best harvest results while at the same time complying with all the paperwork required when growing this unique crop. This means being able to track and trace the process of making cuttings from a mother plant to the propagation of young plants, mature plants and finally to harvesting and drying the flowers. If the administrative system is to be watertight, it is essential to be able to show where the product came from, what location it was in and who carried out what actions on the crop. Agriware’s software offers support to make sure you can comply with all the hygiene protocols and government regulations and remain fully informed during post-checks or in the event of complaints.

Support for All Processes

Agriware supports all the business processes for cultivating cannabis, from a cutting to a processed product, from purchasing to sales and from cost price calculations to accounting.

Agriware is the only system that allows companies to completely control their activities. From predicting the expected yields, managing the greenhouse and surface capacity, checking the material stocks, insight into the labor planning through to cost reporting for managers. All from a single system that is fully secure.

Our people and partners come from the horticultural sector, which means that in addition to providing advice about the system, they also have background knowledge about products, processes and organization. We add value both for start-up companies or pilot projects and for large companies that operate in a variety of locations or countries.



Extraction, Processing and Packaging

It isn’t just the cultivation of the crop that is essential; so is the processing of the harvested flower tops into various products such as foods, oil or pills. Being able to plan, monitor and analyse the extraction process and improve the working methods to produce pure, stable THC and CBD products is specialized and refined work. Agriware helps the users do this as efficiently as possible.

GAP, GMP and GCP regulations

Tracking and tracing the batches that are used, combined or created is essential if your processes are to meet GAP (Good Agricultural Practices), GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) and GCP (Good Clinical Practices) standards. Strict regulations throughout the entire supply and production chain ensure full traceability and manageability of the specialized process. Complex processes become more transparent — exactly what the regulating institutions and agencies want.

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