Integrated Process Support

Potted plant growers come in all shapes and sizes, just like the plants that are grown there. Agriware offers users the right support for each type of company and product, whether propagating young plants, growing green and flowering plants, or a combination of the two. Agriware’s horticultural software ensures the very best planning, registration and analyses. 


Customer story: Dijk van Dijk (video)

The Van Dijk family put their heart and soul into growing crops, starting with vegetables and fruit back in 1928 and focusing on hydrangeas since 1990. Their love for the product is noticed by every buyer of Dijk van Dijk’s ‘masterpieces’

“As the company grows, other people also need to know what I know. That was a problem in the past.It’s all a lot more accurate with Agriware.”

Robin van Dijk – master grower

Watch the video and hear what added value Agriware has for Dijk van Dijk. Tip: use Youtube translations.


Cultivation & Production

Agriware supports various types of growers and products. Cultivating young plants from cuttings, seeds or tissue culture from flowering or green plants on concrete flooring or in container systems (or a combination of the two) is supported. For the majority of these companies, drawing up a production plan is the basis for obtaining a clear picture of the ancillary plans. Based on those, decisions can be made or the cultivation plan can be modified. For instance:

  • Space utilization planning and a picture of the capacity of a location, department, bay (sub section) or specific path
  • Human resource planning and an overview of the permanent staff and temporary workers
  • Machine utilization planning and a picture of the capacity of e.g. potting machines and planting or sowing lines
  • Materials planning and the creation of a stock management and purchasing plan
  • Cost price calculations done in advance using standard values

Sales of ornamentals 

Sales of potted plants from a potting plant grower are mostly based on current stocks or planned availability. Because the production planning is integrated with the sales processes, there is always an up-to-date picture of what will be available in any given week. Any changes made to the production will be reflected correspondingly in the quantities available for sale.

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