Core Values

Mprise has three core values. They are:

  1. Craftsmanship
  2. Objectivity
  3. Respect

We expect our employees to share these core values and to consider these as part of their pattern of values.

An important ongoing element is that we recognize people as responsible beings. Every employee has its responsibility for his craftsmanship, his behavior in sharing knowledge and work experiences with colleagues and his service to our customers. This is not all. Many of our employees feel responsible for their community in which we live. Yearly, we supported half a day for the ‘Stichting Present’ in our hometown Veenendaal. This organization helps people who are in trouble, are lonely and do not receive help from anybody else. The clip below gives a good impression. This year we will also spend an afternoon which is supported by our company.


Craftsmanship is more than a good background of education and job experiences. It is also about a professional attitude and customer orientation. The IT world is a very dynamic world. People at Mprise need to be greedy to adopt new technological innovations. Yearly, a personal budget is available for everyone working on growing in expertise.


Objectivity is a relevant part of craftsmanship. In the end, Mprise offers a solution which is most profitable for the customer. Customers ask Mprise Lean consultants for second opinions and assessments of their current Dynamics AX or Dynamics NAV implementation.


We always said at Mprise that we do not automate processes, we support people in business with the right software tools. For every company, the employees belong to the primary asset of the enterprise. Employees perform roles (responsibility areas) in the organization. We need to support them by tools to make gathering and storing of information easier. We have to work for people in a respectful way.