Mprise Indigo is specialized in the development, support and implementation of business software for the horticulture and agriculture industry like:

  • Growers of potted plants, ornamentals, bedding, folliage, schrubs and trees
  • Nurseries and propagators of young plants, liners and seedling
  • Producers doing multiplicaton of seed, cuttings, tissue culture and cannabis

Potted Plants
Nurcery & Finish


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Young Plants
Propagation & Nurcery


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Bedding Plants
Nurcery & Finish


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Multiplication & Production


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URC Multiplication & Rooting


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Software for any grower

Agriware is a comprehensive horticulture solution that is fully integrated with Microsoft Dynamics NAV. This solution covers the entire life-cycle of a growers’ business and relates to all of the production management aspects in a indoor greenhouse or outdoor fields like space, labor and materials. 

Local Support

The installation and local support will be done in collaboration with the partner network of Mprise Indigo. With the support of 3500 Microsoft Dynamics partners worldwide, we will always be able to find the local support your organisation deserves.

Together with our partners Agriware has been installed in several regions, e.g. US, Canada, Europe, Africa, Australia and New Zealand.

Available worldwide

The Agriware software is implemented at many horticulture and agriculture organisations worldwide. To be sure we speak the same language, we hire people who know best: from the industry.





Agriware Suite

Integrated modular software for growers. Configurable for particular lines of businesses

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Agriware Training

Look and Enroll.  See on the site of Mprise Academy for more Dynamics NAV training 

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Agriware Consulting

Implementing Agriware requires a proven project approach and methodology 

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