Agriware, software for any grower

As a grower, nursery or producer, IS Agriware® supports you in your daily activities, to enable you to work more efficiently. The Agriware grower software optimizes your company’s performance and resources. By having the right information at the right time, you will make better decisions. 


Top 10 Pros of IS Agriware® Grower software

  1. Monitor margins by cost control;
  2. Use every inch of space available (area planning);
  3. Produce on time due to a well-tuned production planning
  4. One system for supporting all your processes; single entry saves time and prevents mistakes;
  5. User friendly software; with a configured interface based on business roles;
  6. Microsoft Dynamics NAV based software. Future development guaranteed by Microsoft and Mprise Agriware;
  7. Standardized training and implementation program;
  8. Internationally recognized: clients from the USA, Canada, New Sealand, Australia, The Netherlands, Belgium, Poland and Norway with production facilities on every continent. Local is possible with our network of Agriware partners and resellers.
  9. Continuous innovation by Mprise Agriware in cooperation with the clients;
  10. Reduce risks by learning from each other;

It's a suite, choose the modules suiting your organisation and only implement what is relevant for your business model.

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Agriware Business Essentials

Business Essentials is the most important module in IS Agriware®. This module is fully integrated with Microsoft Dynamics NAV, including Finance, and can be seen as the generic software layer for the Horticulture market. Agriware Business Essentials complements and enriches Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

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Agriware E-Business 

This Module is specifically built for Floriculture. It contains a link with the Auction (EAB), and supports Florecom Orders, Digital Supply and Auction by Image. This modular is particularly used in the Netherlands.

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Agriware Logistic Connector

Agriware comes with a standard connector to link the Agriware ERP functionality with farm logistics. Over the interface, inventory data and customer orders are exchanged. The interface is based on the so-called Plantform specifications (the ISA95 Protocol).

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Agriware Connect

Agriware Connect contains a collection of API’s (stands for Application Programming Interface), allowing third party applications to be integrated with Agriware. Using these API’s, it is possible use data from the Agriware database in third party applications and to use data from the outside in Agriware.

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Agriware Localization

Agriware Business Essentials is delivered in a W1 version. This means, according to Microsoft terminology, that it is the international standard version. Mprise Agriware has put the functionality for specific countries, such as The Netherlands, in country-specific modules.

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