Software for Annual & Perennial Plants

As a grower of annual or perennial plants you might have to manage all challanges around growing a wide assortiment of products on multiple locations, facilities and sections. For a efficient management of the sales forecast, production plan and insight in the related space-, labor- and material planning, it's required to execute these planning actions most easily. Agriware is supporting your operation with a wide pallet of features to execute and manage these labor intensive planning tasks as easily as possible.

Mprise Indigo - Agriware - Perennial greenhouse software

Agriware brings you easily support for all kind of growing operations and any type of product.

Both the propagation of young plants from cuttings, seed or tissue-culture and the production of finished plants of both annual and perennial plants are supported. The software brings you the insight on the actual available space capacity of all locations and their sections, from concrete floors, container systems, outside fields or temporarily rental space.

For most growers, the the sales expectations will be the input for the production plan. Based on the production plan, all related plannings like space, labor and availability will become visible. Based on this information, substantiated decisions can be made easily like:

  • Space planning and insight in the capacity of a location, section or sub-section 
  • Labor planning and insight based on labor norms
  • Machine planning and optimizing the capacity like potting machines, sowing- and sticking lines.
  • Material planning and auto-create stock suggestions of the purchase plan
  • Cost price calculations based on pre-calculated norms like square meter costs, labor & material costs


Outside field perennial and annual plants
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Plants on a belt

Annual & Perennial Plants

The sales of plants on a growing operation in many cases is based on the actual stock or expected future availability. Since the production planning of Agriware is integrated in the sales process, their will always be a real time insight of availability on a specific date or week. When the production department is updating their numbers during production, the sales availability will auto-change as well.

Assembly & Added Value

To be distinctive and serve you customer better then the competition, delivering a plane plant will not be sufficient anymore. More and more growing operations are adding value to their products and orders like the way it's packed, trays are mixed or carts are build but also by adding specific extra's like labels, ceramic pots or pot covers.

Agriware will bring flexible support to the sales department based on fixed compositions or customer preferences. Having insight in the sales margin when making changes to the order details will instantly visible so the right sales price can be asked. Following the order status from logistical point of view is possible at any moment during the assembly process. When the mobile registration is used with scanning equipment, the order status can be updated automatically so the progress can be managed. 

Digital trading

When working with EDI orders from wholesale, retail or 

European digital trading

Specifically for the European market a optional module for Digital Trading is available for Agriware. This includes  all standardized integrations with trading- and auction systems to exchange availability and receive orders on an easy way like:

  • Auction EAB packing slips and EDA invoices (FloraHolland clock & direct trading)
  • Florecom ordering
  • Virtual Market Places (VMP / FloraMondo)
  • Update availability and photo's on FloraXchange
  • Digital label / sticker messages
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