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Reliable management information and actual insight for decision making and stimulating collaboration on your growing operation, that is what Agriware Analytics has to offer your organisation.

Many IT companies are struggling with standardizing reporting tools since every organisation is different especially around the demond of reporting, kpi's and specific look & feel. With Agriware Analytics we offer the right tool to support Agriculture organisations. With this tool you're able to develop and maintain your own specific analysis, dashboards, statistics or KPI's many times easier and more efficient. 

Agriware Analytics - Business Intelligence for growers

Agriware Analytics is an BI (Business Intelligence) tool which can be used both on the work floor and in the board room. It supports your people by giving the right insight in crucial data to support both small and larger decisions for many different company processes like:
  • Sales & CRM
    • Sales statistics: Which products will produce the most profit, in which period?
    • Sales analysis: Which margins are realized per customer and product?
    • Complain analysis: Which complains are registered, what's causing it and who is responsible?
  • Production & Crops
    • Production scenario's: compare different production plans and all derived planning
    • Location & Space: Insight in future capacity issues and historical occupation
    • Labor norm analysis: What's my labor norm and what is actually registered?
    • Scrap analysis: How many plants are scrap and do I now need to change my scrap norm?
    • Growth duration: Are there growth phases or varieties which grow longer or shorter then the norm?
  • Finance
    • Cashflow: analyse the cashflow and expected customer payment behaviour
    • Costprice: compare the precalculated and actual realised production costs
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Fragmented data and large amounts of data are giving problems for many organizations in creating and maintaining reports. Creating the right data model to generate reports is often only reserved for specialists and also requires a lot of computing capacity of the servers and networks. When data from other systems also need to be combined, such as a climate computer or time registration system, it will typically ask a lot from the system. For these reasons, a DWH (data warehouse) offers the solution and Agriware has one standardized DWH build in!

Agriware comes with its own DWH of which data from the system can be structured in the right way so reporting tools such as PowerBI, Tableau or Qlickview can run reports without knowledge of the specific Agriware data models. Because the thinking about the data structure is already precooked in the DWH, a considerable amount of time is saved in the development of company-specific reports and it also provides a stable and fast system for retrieving data. The advantages of using Agriware Analytics include:

  • User friendly: easy control of which data should be in the data warehouse
  • High speed: we use the latest analysis methodology and technology
  • Combine data: the data warehouse is open and ready for data from other systems
  • Quickly deployable: by using of PowerBI templates for Agriware you can start direcly
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