Agriware - Business Essentials

Agriware Business Essentials is the heart of IS Agriware®. IS Agriware® contains specialized functions for Horticulture companies. Agriware Business Essentials is integrated with Microsoft ERP Dynamics NAV.  


Business Essentials contains many functions, for instance Planning (Greenhouse Planning, Labor Planning, Transportation Planning), Production, Sales, Purchase, Inventory and Finance.  Other function specific for the Horticulture sector are available in additional modules. One of these modules, the E-Business Floriculture module, includes EAB’s (Electronic supply letter to the Auction), Florecom Orders, Image Auctioning and Digital Supply. 


Jobs can be created based on forecast planning or on actual demand. They contain all data which is required for producing the job. A job typically consists of an item + features + production scheme + activity plan.

Actual activities are registered on the job.  Then, planned and actual activities are always visible toegether. The job provides input for Area Planning and for Planned Available Inventory.

Business Essentials supports you in your daily work. It gives answers to the questions below. 

Production & Planning:

Forecast Planning, Production Schemes, Activity Plans, Work Orders…

1.    What do I have to do this week and what do I need to do that. 
2.    How many employees are required to pot all jobs?
3.    Which pots and other materials are required?
4.    Do I utilize my space optimally?
5.    Will there be a problem with space if I produce these jobs?
6.   Is it possible to move jobs in time to get a better space utilization?
7.   What is the history of this plant?
8.   Are the planned actions executed according to the planning?
9.   Is the scrap quantity as expected, or not?
10. Do I have to adjust my Production Plan next year?


Florecom Orders, EAB’s, Image Auctioning, Customer preferences…

1.    Can I accept this customer now?
2.    How many plants can I sell right now and what is my expected available-to-promise inventory?
3.    Do I have long-term customer orders?
4.    How can I share my inventory with the world?
5.    How can I send my stock to different web shops from one location?
6.    How can I stay in charge of provisioning of supplies?
7.    How can I deliver customer orders exactly according to the specifications? 
8.    How can I register customer contracts?
9.    How can I enter customer specific requests on customer orders? 
10.  How can I clearly show customer specifications on picklists? 


General Ledger, VAT declaration, Opening Balance sheet, General Journals

1.   Which plants are most profitable?
2.   What are the job profits?
3.   What is the job turnover?
4.   What are the job costs details?
5.   Do I sell the right mix?
6.   Who are my best customers?
7.   Who is my biggest customer?
8.   Which customer provides the highest turnover?
9.   Who pays which average price for my plants.