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As an investor, director, master grower or processing engineer, you want to maximize the potential of all valuable facilities. Optimize the yield, track costs, trace materials, comply with regulations and making effective use of all specialized equipment and human resources. Agriware will bring you total control with full insight in the current status, accurate analysis of historic results and the system makes it possible to have a bright look at the future forecast. Although the system can be implemented on specific processes only, it also does contain a full ERP package based on Microsoft Dynamics Business Central which will bring you the most user friendly, reliable and secure software of the cannabis industry.   

cannabis greenhouse software

Successful cannabis growers know how hard it can be to get the best harvest results and be able to comply to all of the paperwork which comes with this unique crop. Being able to track & trace the fresh cuttings from a mother stock plant to the young plants, the mature plants and finally the harvesting and drying of flowers. Knowing where the product came from, in which room it was standing and who applied which actions on the crop is very important for all compliance around hygiene protocols, governmental regulations or during recalls. 

Supporting all processes

Agriware supports all business processes of a cannabis operation, from cutting to harvest, extraction and manufacturing and from sales to finance. 

Agriware is the only system allowing companies to fully manage their operations from forecasting the yield expectations, managing the greenhouse & area capacity, control material stock, have insight in the labor planning up till the cost reporting to the board room. All from one single system, fully secured.

Our people and partners are from the industry and our software has been breathing agriculture for many years. We will bring value to both small and large growing operations worldwide in the areas of propagation, production and multiplication of any type of crop.

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Growing high quality medicinal cannabis and all its related compliance and regulations could kill your work force efficiency. That's why our clients love how user-friendly Agriware is. Simple, efficient and structured are our key words.

"The people at Mprise Agriware are experienced, understand the business and speak the same 'grower' language. Besides great software, knowledge is important to choose for Mprise Agriware." 

Extract & Process

Not only the cultivation of the crops but also the processing of the harvested flowers into different products like oil or pills is essential. Being able to plan, monitor and analyze the extract and to improve processes to produce pure, stable THC and CBD active ingredients is specialized and refined work.

GAP & GMP regulations

Knowing the traceability of which lots were consumed, combined or created is key to have your processes be compliant to GAP (Good Agricultural Practices) and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices).  Strict regulations through the whole supply & production chain takes care for full traceability and manageability of the specialized process. Complex processes are getting transparent, exactly what regulating authorities and agencies want.  

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