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As a producer of rooted and unrooted cuttings it's crucial to manage the specific business processes for these two product forms till the smallest details. It's not only about the management of motherstock plants in foreign or inland production facilities but also about the tuning between planned sales forecast, actual sales orders and the potential (un)rooted cutting production plan.

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Because all company processes are supported in the Agriware ERP software, it's possible to work without complex interfaces and integration points within a single business system. Therefor, information is always up to date and available for anyone so decisions can be taken quicker and well weighted.

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The management of motherstock plants and it's unrooted cutting multiplication planning can be complex by the many influencing factors. A easy management of all crops and keeping the right overview of all deviations during the cutting production lifecycle is crucial to have a reliable planning and realistic execution plan on the workfloor. The most important topics for motherstock management and the rooting of cuttings are:

  • Mother stock management: coefficients, growth curve, locations
  • Unrooted cuttings: cut planning, flush percentage, track & trace
  • Rooting: made to order, activity managent, growth scheme
  • Greenhouse management: space, labor and machine planning
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URC Unrooted Cutting

At many cutting multiplication organisations, the management of the sales forecast, customer contracts and actual sales orders are integral part for setting up the production planning and the actual adjustment during the production. Efficient management of the potential overage and shortage of cuttings is crucial to make promisses to your clients order request and to be able to lead the production locations.

  • Sales demands: forecast, contracts, orders
  • Production demands: start material for rooting and mother stock jobs
  • Supply: mother stock cut planning, rooting orders, purchase plan

Agriware offers the right tool to compare the planned availability of unrooted (URC) and rooted (RC) cuttings with the expected demand of unrooted sales orders and rooting orders. Hereby there will always be a actual insight on essential information to base decisions on and serve your customers better and quicker.

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Both the multiplication of unrooted cutting in Africa but also the rooting of cuttings in The Netherlands is completely managed from Agriware. Specific topics like the storage of unrooted cuttings in coolers or the made to order rooting orders are supported within the Agriware system.

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