Agriware Implementation Approach

Mprise Agriware uses the Microsoft Dynamics SureStep method for the implementation of Agriware®. This method distinguishes the following phases in a project: 

  • Diagnostic phase
  • Analysis phase
  • Design phase
  • Development phase
  • Deployment phase
  • Production phase

Diagnostic phase

This phase is relevant during presales. It is meant to check whether or not Agriware fits the company. 

  • Identifying customer requirements;
  • Does the software fit the requirements?

Analysis phase

The activities in the diagnostic phase have shown that Agriware can support the business of the customer. The customer has decided to buy Agriware or to first execute an analysis of the fit at a more detailed level. In the Analysis phase, the exact scope of the implementation is determined, customer's business functions are thoroughly evaluated against the functionality of Agriware and possible gaps are identified.  At the end of this phase, the Mprise Agriware team delivers a presentation of the proposed configuration of Agriware for the customer. This is also the moment to discuss the envisaged process changes and requested customizations. 

Deliverables are:

  • Compose a Blueprint and a Project Plan;
  • Analyze business processes with Key Users;
  • Acquire a global overview of the required functionality and potential changes;
  • Install Software (and hardware when necessary);
  • Present a solution without customization;

Design phase

In the Design Phase, Key Users are trained in Agriware, using familiar master data. They learn how to write business process documentation of the areas for which they are responsible. Process changes and customizations listed in the previous phase are addressed again, with the objective to create as little customization as possible. 

  • Migrate Master Data from the legacy system;
  • Train Key Users, using the business processes in the Blueprint;
  • Assess customization problems;
  • Key users start writing business process documentation

Development phase

In the first part of this phase, customizations which are approved at the end of the Design phase are created and delivered. The Key Users start testing the system when customizations are finished. They finalize their business process documentation.

At the end of this phase, the Key Users deliver a presentation to the Management of the customer, a selected group of End Users and Mprise Agriware, showing that they master Agriware and are able to carry out their business processes with the new system. 

  • Realization of customizations;
  • Key users finish writing business process documentation;
  • Key Users present the solution which is ready to be deployed;

Deployment phase

The system is set up and can be used. Now it is time to train the End Users. The business processes have been documented by the Key Users. The Key Users will use these detailed instructions to teach the End Users in the use of the system. The NAV user interface will be optimized. After Key and End User acceptance, both the Management of the customer and Mprise Agriware take the decision to Go-live. 

  • Key Users training the End Users;
  • Set up Role Centers;
  • Set up authorizations;
  • Create and execute a Go-live plan;
  • Accept the system.

Production phase

Final data migration will be executed. Mprise Agriware will be on site during the week of Go-Live. The company starts using NAV and Agriware. 

  • Go-live: start using NAV and Agriware;
  • After Go-live support;
  • Project closure and hand-over to Support.