Rapporting and analysis for Agriware

You need data in order to rapport something. That is technology, but what is important is what is in the rapport. With the data, some smart calcalations are made (or not).

In short, what is important is the quality of the calculation, or the analysis. This is what we call 'Analytics'.

In reality we distinct between 3 types of analytics:

Descriptive analytics

The name has it in it: this data analysis gives insight in the daily reality. This is the area where BI applications are in practice. It is about collecting data and presenting it in the form of dashboards, scorecards etc. What we also see is that data (e.g. gross margin developments per producttype, region or period) are being visualised in diagrams, maps etc. It is often an alternative for a traditional report. By means of better analysis and projecting techniques, matters can be displayed insightfully.

Predictive analytics

Predictive analytics contains all techniques that enable making predictions based on data. E.g. predictions about the operating time of a machine park, about the course of cultivation of a specific plant, about the needed productionspace or human capacity in the next months or in the next season, or about the possible sales of a product in a specific region, etc. etc.

Prescriptive analytics

Making a prediction is one, drawing up an action plan is two. Prescriptive analytics includes the techniques to make recommendations for actions to be carried out on the basis of the data and the predictions based on them. For example, a plant grower will be interested in the future development of a specific plant, but he will certainly also be interested in the actions he has to take to adjust the course of cultivation in the direction he wants. A prediction of the operating time of the machine park is given more value by having the system also provide a treatment plan with which the expected duration of action can be extended. This form of analysis is often associated with optimization technologies. Think also of scheduling the operations in a warehouse or in a factory.

What delivers the most value?

Data analytics delivers business value. Most of the current reports in Agriware or NAV fall under descriptive analytics. Do not be satisfied with that. You want to do more with your data? Call Mprise Analytics!