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The production of hybrid seeds is one of the core processes with seed breeders. Due to the involvements in crossing (interbreeding) and selections and managing male and female lines, companies have a lot of specialized knowledge. With Agriware, users can methodically capture the specific knowledge on hybrid propagation. Consequently, users can plan, register and analyze the seed production of all varieties of crops.

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With Agriware seed multiplication software, users can plan and manage all types of vegetable, fruit, and ornamental (horticultural) crops. With the Agriware Fieldbook App, the crop specialists and field inspectors have all information at hand, via a mobile device, directly in the fields or greenhouses.

Plan, Register & Analysis Crop Information

A user is able to plan any kind of action or inspection on multiplication jobs. But it's also possible to add an unplanned action or inspection right from the field. This enables people, in the fields or greenhouses, retrieve and update crop information efficiently, as well as add new data or pictures during the whole life-cycle of the crop. Since everything is centrally stored, users can also analyze the data, based upon standardized data, using relevant dimensions and key performance indicators (KPI).

Contracts & Settlements

When the harvest is done, the seeds can undergo a first rough grading and cleaning action. Thus, it is possible for users to record the data, directly in the fields or in a central distribution location, regarding the seed lots. If desired, users can take into account the contracts and settlements with external growers or subsidiaries. Because each step is related to the multiplication job, a full traceability chain from seed-to-seed is automatically created, such that it is always apparent what has taken place, where and by whom.

Harvested Seed
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With the Fieldbook App, people in the fields and greenhouses are supported with ease. As a field inspector or crop supervisor, you need to have all relevant crop information at your disposal in the fields, greenhouses or in-transit. With the Agriware Fieldbook App, you can have this information at hand on a mobile device such as a tablet or smartphone. The app also works offline without internet so that you can work without interruption. That means you are always able to update crop information and register the results directly in the fields.

Working with a central system, instead of paper or individual Excel sheets, data is processed quicker with a reduced chance of typing errors. Moreover, since all employees work with the same system, decisions can be made based on up-to-date information.

The most relevant features of Agriware Fieldbook are listed below:

  • Crop information per job (male & female, location, plant, etc.).
  • Register activity results (sow, pot, plant, harvest, etc.).
  • Plan one or more harvest update moments.
  • Add inspections, observations and photos to crops.
  • Inspect parent line information
  • Register diseases and pests.
  • Assign tasks (to-do) to colleagues or external growers.
  • More details are available in Agriware Fieldbook section.
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" The people at Mprise Agriware understand our business and speak in the same wavelength as we do. In addition to good software, that was an important reason for us to choose for Mprise." 

Wil Jorink - Production Manager Europa & Africa


Bejo is a vegetable seed company dealing in the breeding, production and sale of seeds. For the global support of their production sites, the company uses Agriware and the mobile Fieldbook App. This allows productions to be planned centrally and the feedback of registered data from fields into the system automatically.

Wil Jorink as production manager was intimately involved in the software selection process:

" We have chosen for Agriware because of the extensive planning, registration and analysis capabilities which can support each type of crop. Mprise has convinced us with modern, scalable technology and the right vision for the development of standard software for seed breeding companies such as Bejo.

We are highly satisfied because the software helps, with its user-friendly attribute, all our production departments to work further in a uniform manner. This allows the information to be processed faster and moreover, retain higher quality."

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In the following list, some functionalities regarding hybrid seed propagation are mentioned:

  • Vegetable seed propagation in open fields and with indoor vegetable crops.
  • Ornamental seed production for the cultivation of flower and plant crops.

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(floral seed)

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Area planning



Labor planning



Production control



Labor registration per job



Production cost price calculation












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