Agriware Servicedesk & Support

Mprise Connect has a professional Servicedesk with well-trained professionals who master the Agriware and NAV software. The Servicedesk is manned with functional and technical professionals (management  and development). Allthough the Servicedesk is meant for solving incidents, also small change requests can be handled through the Servicedesk (e.g. a rapport or screenedit).

An online ticketing system is being used. The Servicedesk is also available via phone. All notifications are registrered and monitored for progress. There are various types of support contract possible, from a reactive contract (you issue a ticket and we start working) to proactive actions such as monitoring your ERP-environment to prevent outages.

Advantages of the Servicedesk:

  • Opening times from 08.30 untill 17.00 uur GMT+2 on weekdays.
  • Well trained professionals
  • Functional and technical knowledge available
  • Options for proactive monitoring
  • Small changes can be implemented quickly
  • Professionals can visit the customer on location, if needed
  • All notifications and activities are registered in an online ticketing system, which is accesible for the customer as well.
Servicedesk and Support:            
tel. +31 88 9955500
between 8.30 - 17.00 GMT+2