Technology Platform

IS Agriware® is a registered Microsoft Dynamics NAV add-on. The picture below shows that in the past few years, different Dynamics NAV versions have been developed by Microsoft.

All NAV versions before NAV2009 are named ‘Classic’, referring to the technology of the user interface. In NAV2009, the ‘Role Tailored Client’ (RTC) version of Dynamics NAV has been introduced, next to a NAV2009 version with the 'Classic Client'. The RTC version has proven to be a huge improvement in keeping up with new technological developments.


From System-focussed to User-focussed

In the RTC version, the user interface has been totally renewed. The Classic version was system focussed and the user was linked to the system. In the new RTC version, it is completely the other way around: it is user-focussed. The system is configured in such a way that the system supports the user and the user gets what he or she needs to do the job.

An Agriware version has been developed for all new Dynamics NAV versions. Each new Dynamics NAV version has improved in functionality, just as the corresponding Agriware add-on. You can, for example, open Dynamics NAV2015 and Agriware in your browser, this was not possible in previous versions.

The current version, NAV2016, runs perfectly on mobile devices, like tablets and smartphones, including Ipads.


To sum up:

  • Dynamics NAV and IS Agriware® are user-friendly. Microsoft Dynamics NAV has the same look & feel and user experience as common Microsoft products, like Office and Sharepoint. These applications are also fully integrated in Dynamics NAV.

  • Role specific support. Microsoft Dynamics NAV is role specific. This way your employees are supported by Dynamics NAV in their specific jobs. With the up-to-date correct information, they can not only solve today’s problems, but also prepare for tomorrow. 

  • On your terms. Using Microsoft Dynamics NAV, your team can work when and wherever it performs best: at the office, at home or on the road. Thanks to the flexible cloud and on-premises implementation, you can specify whatever suits your company the most. 

With over 100.000 trusted Microsoft Dynamics NAV clients, the continuity of this ERP solution is guaranteed.