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Labor is expensive. In many horticultural companies, labor contributes more than 25% to the cost price. It is essential, therefore, to keep a firm grip on the planning, registering and analyzing of labor, for the success of a company.

Agriware offers a complete system which supports both time registration (clocking in) as well as labor registration. Thus, it allows a horticultural company to manage labor both operationally and financially.

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In many horticultural companies, clock in and clock out is already regulated by clocking in devices. Such an appliance is usually not linked to other auxiliary systems. Manual intervention is possible sometimes, data export to Excel, for instance, to verify invoices received from employment agencies or for cost calculations.

Agriware offers an integrated time (attendance) registration where data is recorded in daily time sheets per employee. There is always a clear view of the planned and actual attendance (start time, end time and breaks). Moreover, corrections, if required, can be made effortlessly. Matching invoices and tracing labor costs are also possible. In addition, the time (attendance) registration is extended to include labor registration.

Agriware time registration offers, among others:

  • Management of timetables regarding attendance and breaks (fixed start/end hours).
  • Registration of actual attendance and breaks.
  • Monitoring hours per employee per day (daily time sheets).
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In addition to clocking in the start and end of a working day, it is crucial to monitor employee productivity. By enabling employees to register time per activity or assignment, you gain insight into executed productive tasks and non-productive hours. In Agriware you can trace activities and work orders back to jobs. As a result, labor costs are directly allocated to specific crops. This could be based on a specific location (all crops in a specific greenhouse) or an assignment that is linked, one-on-one, to one or more crops. Thus it is possible in Agriware, to compare planned labor costs per crop to the actuals.

Agriware labor registration offers, among others:

  • Labor registration per activity/position (sections and sub-sections e.g. paths).
  • Labor registration per a work assignment (planned work).
  • Hours monitoring per activity or work assignment.
  • Direct allocation of labor costs to jobs.
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According to Jim Koot, "We start with time registration and can expand later; this averts pressure in our organization."

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According to project manager Jurre Dalessi, “We chose Agriware not only to gain transparency in the cost price per plant but also in the activities per employee.”

“We are extremely contented because it helps us further with planning. It is becoming increasingly difficult to accomplish our planning using Excel. “

A tip from manager Jordy Gijsbrechts, “That user group meetings are truly beneficial for us and of crucial importance to our suppliers.”

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