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There are all kind of young plant nurseries executing many types of actions like sowing, spacing, grafting and pinching for almost any type of plant. There are a couple of specific nursery types with a similar type of business like propagators of ornamental young plants and growers of vegetable young plants. The Agriware propagation software has been succesfully implemented at both types of nurseries but also at others types of organisations like trees and shrubs young plant propagators. 

Agriware Greenhouse Grower Software - Young Vegetable Plant Nurcery

As a supplier of young vegetable or fruit plants, the raising and selling of young plants on your production facility is typically done with an specific order based production process. In order to be professional, reliable and deliver premium quality, the specific propagation actions and all of the back-office processes needs to be done by following the right procedures and execute checks on time in order to deliver every order according to your clients specifications.

Agriware is supporting your organisation to plan, register and analyse the typical vegetable young plant propagation processes like sowing, grafting, topping and sticking.


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Ornamental plants are typically propagated from seed or URC cuttings to deliver a rooted young plant for growers of finished plants. This production process is typically done 'made by order' and needs to be tracked down to the original seed or URC lot numbers. Having insight in the material demand and order everything on time at the suppliers can be a time consuming process.

Agriware is supporting all types of ornamental young plant production processes on your organisation to efficiently plan, register and analyse the specific propgation processes from sales, production, purchase and financial perspective. 

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The next list shows most important features for young vegetable plant growers. To make a proper comparison of the nursery software features, it's split into:

  • Propagation of leaf crops from seed like cole or lettuce

  • Propagation of fruit crops from seed and grafted on a rootstock stem like tomato, melon, cucumber or peppers.


Young plants (leaves)

Young Plants (fruits)

Production on order



Area planning



Labor planning



Machine planning



Production control



Labor registration per job



Production cost price calculation









Rootstock production / grafting





Young plants (leaves)

Young Plants (fruits)

Invoicing sales order






Customer preferences





Young plants (leaves)

Young Plants (fruits)

Purchase of seeds



Seed delivery by customer





Young plants (leaves)

Young Plants (fruits)

Transport planning





Young plants (leaves)

Young Plants (fruits)

Stock value materials










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