In a number of cases, the plant material is so finely meshed that propagation of such plant material in a laboratory is unavoidable. 

This plant material can be propagated and cultivated for various purposes. For example, direct sales, large-scale production or an order from the breeding department for the propagation and breeding of hybrids. 

Propagation takes place by cutting the plants which are then grown in plastic trays until they are cut again. The process then repeats.

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Registration and planning

Every action to be performed, including inspections, can be recorded by the user prior to cutting the material. Cutting greatly increases the number of batches. With the use of Agriware, this remains manageable. Based on propagation and failure factors, it is possible to plan ahead. 

Propagation usually takes place in plastic trays. A good location management system is essential for the management of these trays. Agriware provides this.

ERP Agriware

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