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With our integrated software platform Agriware 365, we ensure that our customers stay ahead in the ever-changing digitalization landscape and maximize their overall success. We are proud of that.

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Focus on Growing

We get fulfillment from helping our customers grow. Mprise wants to be meaningful and deliver long term value to horticultural companies worldwide with the deployment of company-wide ERP software. 

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Get a grip on your organization

Mprise Agriware software offers horticultural organizations, powerful future-proof software to let people work efficiently and effectively with pleasure. Our software gives grip and the right insights to make data-driven choices.

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Agriware is Gold Partner of Microsoft

Agriware 365 is fully developed on the basis of Microsoft Dynamics 365 suite. Agriware 365 Business Central, is an addition with which we make the solution perfectly suitable for the horticultural sector. Dynamics Business Central, the powerful ERP solution from Microsoft offers the basis for sales, purchasing, inventory and finance. Agriware not only offers an extension of these modules, but also a wide range of additional modules that, for example, provide support for planning and production.

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Our Expertise

Our team (100+) has years of experience in horticulture. With the foundation of the Mprise Group, we provide you with future-proof solutions.

Agriware 365 is based on Microsoft Azure and Dynamics 365 Business Central. Standard software, but we do this personal and committed. We support you through the whole process with our team and our E-learning platform.

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We like it personal

To take your organization to a higher level, ambition and growth are linked.

In order to grow, knowledge is needed. Knowledge leads to improvement. Improvement leads to innovation. The Agriware 365 platform has been completely designed according to this philosophy. With the user as the starting point.

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A lot is changing in the horticultural business. What are all the new possibilities and in which manner can I make use of them?

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