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Agriware enhances your efficiency, accuracy, and mobility with the most advanced apps. Enhance your data from the field with advanced Apps and connect with Agriware ERP. Improve labor, planning, logistics, and even inspections.

  1. Register data in the greenhouse or in the field (online & offline) 
  2. Integrate information into Business Central 365
  3. Make timely adjustments and smart decisions

Agriware 365 Operations


Increase productivity and control using apps and integrated ERP

Agriware 365 Operations

Agriware apps for greenhouses: Bring office & field together

Switch from old-fashioned paperwork → Suite of mobile Apps to increase productivity and control. 

Inspect App

Agriware 365 OperationsSupport crop technicians and assortment managers to manage any type of inspection related to the processes of lifecycle management of products and production jobs. Capture, Interpret, Predict and Share data regarding quality, health, growth and yield.

Processes & Features

  • Plant & Variety Scouting
  • Disease Scouting
  • Germination Counts
  • Quality Checks (Lot / Job / Product)
  • Trial Registration & Monitoring
  • Yield Inspections

Scheduling & Execution

Support site managers, supervisors, and task executers in their operational activities. Supporting every work floor employee in his/her job, from scheduling to execution, covering Production, Warehouse, Inbound and Outbound logistics

Processes & Features

  • Team planning, assign people to teams
  • Assign work & tasks to teams
  • Work scheduling per workday

Logistics app

Support Warehouse and Logistical workers to register (ad-hoc) movements of physical inventory including counting, Packing, Picking, Loading and Shipping processes.

Processes & Features

  • Job picking
  • Order packing & mix assembly
  • Carrier & pallet loading
  • Order shipping

Greenhouse & open field

Support Production Employees to manage ad-hoc inventory activities during the production cycle of plant material. This can take place in the greenhouse, on the field or in a closed laboratory environment for activities such as movements, transfers, scrap registration and reporting jobs ready for sales

Processes & Features

  • Movement registration
  • Waste registration
  • Ready-for-shipment reporting
  • Output Registration

Time TrackingUntitled design-1

Enable every employee to register ad-hoc time on workfloor, both job time and shop time, anywhere, anytime. Track job time as specific as possible, to enable detailed cost price calculation and performance analysis

Processes & Features

  • Attendance registration
  • Time registration on Activity
  • Timesheet approval
  • Export to payroll system

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