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Agriware enhances your efficiency, accuracy, and mobility with the most advanced apps. Simply record your findings in the field on mobile devices your findings. Enhance your data from the field with advanced Apps. Improve labor, planning, logistics, and even inspections.

  1. Register data in the greenhouse or in the field
  2. Integrate information into Business Central 365
  3. Make timely adjustments and smart decisions

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"Digitizing and optimizing business processes starts on the workfloor"

Agriware 365 Operations

Mobile Apps Quality and Labor


Cultivation and quality

The Agriware Inspect app is a mobile application integrated with Agriware 365 [ERP package]. The app was created for breeders, seed companies and growers. 

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Labor and time

Labor is costly. At many horticultural companies, more than 25% of the cost price consists of labor. Keep a grip on planning, recording and analyzing labor.

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AGRIWARE-logo-2019-INSPECT-[RGB]Inspecting plants or crops and scouting varieties | Inspect App

Collecting data from the field

The Agriware Inspect app is a mobile application closely integrated with Agriware 365 Business Central. The app was created for breeders, seed companies and growers. The following three challenges were the starting point to develop this app.
  1. Simple collection of data regarding growth and quality of batches.
  2. Provide insight into the history of a batch to the people on the floor. 
  3. The scouter of new varieties also provides insight into purchasing, trial and production data. 
  4. Perform inspections to record growth results and adjust planning.

Working from a single digital source

By using the app and the ERP, you work from one digital source. The app gives your employees in the field or greenhouse the information from Agriware 365. And the observations that are made feed themselves into Agriware 365. That way you save time, build a history and can compare data. 

The app has its own database, because a lot of data is remembered in it, such as photos, videos and sensor data, which you would rather not store in the Agriware 365 database. The frequency of synchronization between the databases is adjustable by the user.

With the Inspect app, observations and inspections are performed. Because there is not always an internet connection at the production fields, it is also possible to work offline.

Get an immediate overview of the Inspect app with our fact sheet. 

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Features Inspect App 

The Inspect app is used for carrying out observations and inspections. It is also possible to work offline, given that there is not always an Internet connection when working in the production fields.

Retrieving crop information

  • Sex, variety, characteristics
  • Duration of cultivation, growth phase and use of space
  • Planned and unplanned cultivation activities and to-do lists 


Recording crop information 

  • Adding photos and videos of a crop
  • Adjusting the cultivation duration and results
  • Adding instructions for a crop such as: crop treatment, crop protection actions and crop inspections
  • Recording scouting results
  • Recording numbers of plants sown or potted
  • Recording germination counts and adjusting batches
  • Recording losses during cultivation
  • Recording crops being moved per department, bay (sub section), path or pole
  • Recording potting results
  • Notification that a crop is entirely or partly sellable (available for sale) 

Inspect Features for seed producers

  • Details of male and female parental lines
  • Propagation of young plants (male + female) and plants in fields
  • Checking crops, flowering and pollination, using:
    Flowering Inspection, Pollination Inspection and Nicking Inspection
  • Detailing and updating planned seed yields in percentages or kilograms using a ‘Yield Update’
  • Scouting and recording diseases and planning crop treatments 

Inspect App: from paper and Excel to one digital source

Agriware Inspect App

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Grip on time and labor | Time App

Labor is expensive. At many horticultural companies, more than 25% of the cost price consists of labor costs. Keeping a grip on the planning, registration and analysis of labor is therefore essential for the success of a business. This app is based on the challenges that growers face:
  1. Get a grip on your labor costs and cost prices.
  2. Cost to produce a batch, prepare it for sale and delivering
  3. Paper timesheets are highly error-prone and time-consuming to process.
  4. How can you avoid errors and work more efficiently?
  5. You want to save money on the cost of labor. What are the planned versus actual labor costs and what can you save on?
  6. Due to the large number of activities and employees, it is difficult to keep an overview. How do you ensure an up-to-date, clear and efficient work schedule?

Mprise Agriware 365 offers a complete system that supports both time registration (clocking) and labor registration. With this, a horticultural company can, both operationally and financially manage labor. 

Manage and schedule labor

Based on your labor contracts, you can plan for the new season. You want to include breaks, days off and other details. Extra people are needed at peak times, but when are they needed? And can costs be saved by adjusting the planning slightly? 

Agriware 365 gives you this insight and overview. You create a work schedule based on employment contracts and the gaps can be filled with temporary workers. 


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Registration of time in the greenhouse or in the field

Clocking in and out is already regulated by a clocking system on many horticultural farms. Often such a system is not linked to other systems. 

Mprise Agriware offers an integrated time registration (attendance registration) where data are recorded in a daily statement per employee. Hereby there is always a view on the planned and actual presence (start time, end time and breaks) and corrections can be carried out easily. 

  1. Record actual attendance and rest breaks.
  2. Record activities per group, working on the same activities, or per person. 
  3. Record activities and link them to a location, work order, lot or product group.
Read all about labor and time tracking in the fact sheet. 

Download the Time app factsheet

Approving and processing data

In addition to clocking in start and finish times, it is important to keep track of employee productivity. By allowing employees to record time by location, work order, lot or product group, you gain insight into which productive tasks were performed and how much time was spent acting non-productively.

Each day the work manager checks whether the hours have been entered correctly and each week the administration does this. Any errors can then still be amended. 

In the Agriware Time app, you can relate the activities and work assignments to parties. This directly assigns labor costs to specific crops. This can be done on the basis of a location, work order or product group. In this way, labor costs are also factored into the cost price. After that, via set rules tariffs can be applied, for example overtime, weekend and public holiday tariffs. 

When everything is registered, you can compare the planned labor costs per crop with the actual labor costs.
  1. Labor registration by activity/position (department/chap/pad/leg)
  2. Labor registration by work order (planned work)
  3. Hours control by activity or work order
  4. Allocate direct labor costs to parties

Read all about labor and time tracking in the fact sheet. 

Download the Time app factsheet


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