Apps at the workplace

There is a clear tendency for functionality that was traditionally embedded within business software such as Agriware 365 (ERP) to be made available independently to people whose work is largely in the greenhouses, in the sheds or in the open fields.

Mprise Agriware has acknowledged this trend and put together a special team for developing these mobile software programs (apps). The following apps are now available for you to use:

  1. The Agriware Inspect App
  2. The Agriware Time App

AGRIWARE-logo-2019-INSPECT-[RGB]Agriware Inspect app

The app is made for breeders, seed producers and growers. Yourchallenges are at the core of our solutions 

  • Provide yourworkforcein the field or greenhousewithup to date informationfromAgriware .
  • Scout new crop varieties with the mobile app and share your observations. 
  • Carry out inspectionstocapture growth results and adjust planning. 

The Inspect app provide your workforce in the field or greenhouse with up to date information from Agriware 365 [ERP]. The results of observations and inspections will synchronize with the ERP.  The app has its own database because a lot of data has to be recorded in it, such as photos, videos and sensor data that you would prefer not to store in the Agriware ERP database. The frequency of synchronization between the databases can be set by the user.

The Inspect app is used for carrying out observations and inspections. It is also possible to work offline, given that there is not always an Internet connection when working in the production fields.

Do you want to know more about the Inspect app? Please download the factsheet below.

Download the factsheet about the Inspect app

The app can be used for:

Retrieving crop information

  • Sex, variety, characteristics
  • Duration of cultivation, growth phase and use of space
  • Planned and unplanned cultivation activities and to-do lists 

Recording crop information 

  • Adding photos and videos of a crop
  • Adjusting the cultivation duration and results
  • Adding instructions for a crop such as: crop treatment, crop protection actions and crop inspections
  • Recording scouting results
  • Recording numbers of plants sown or potted
  • Recording germination counts and adjusting batches
  • Recording losses during cultivation
  • Recording crops being moved per department, bay (sub section), path or pole
  • Recording potting results
  • Notification that a crop is entirely or partly sellable (available for sale) 

Because Agriware Inspect is also used by seed producers, specific functionalities have also been added for that user group, such as:

  • Details of male and female parental lines
  • Propagation of young plants (male + female) and plants in fields
  • Checking crops, flowering and pollination, using:
    Flowering Inspection, Pollination Inspection and Nicking Inspection
  • Detailing and updating planned seed yields in percentages or kilograms using a ‘Yield Update’
  • Scouting and recording diseases and planning crop treatments 


AGRIWARE-logo-2019-TIME-[RGB]Agriware Time app

Labor is expensive. At many horticultural companies, the labor element in the cost price is more than 25%. Keeping control of the planning, registration and analysis of labor is therefore essential for the success of the business. 

Mprise Agriware® offers a complete system that handles both time registration (clocking on and off) and timesheet recording. This lets horticultural companies manage their labor, both operationally and financially. 

Time registration

Clocking on and off is already handled at many horticultural companies by a clocking system. This type of system is often not linked to other systems. Sometimes there are options for carrying out actions manually, such as e.g. exporting to Excel for checking the invoices of temporary staffing agencies or for carrying out cost calculations. 

Mprise Agriware offers integrated time recording (attendance records) that registers the details for each employee in a daily log. This means that there is always a clear picture of the planned and actual attendance (starting time, finishing time and breaks) and that corrections can easily be applied. Matching up invoices and linking them to the labor costs is possible here too. In addition, the time registration (attendance records) can be extended to include records of the tasks done. 

The Agriware Time App includes:

  • Checking the rules on attendance and breaks (fixed starting and ending times)
  • Recording actual attendance times and breaks
  • Checking the hours per employee per day (daily log) 

Work registration

In addition to noting the clocking-on and clocking-off times, it is important to retain a clear picture of the productivity of employees. Getting staff to record the times per activity or work instruction gives you insights into which productive tasks have been carried out and how much time has not been used productively. In the Agriware Time App, you can associate the activities and work orders with particular batches. This allows the labor costs to be directly assigned to specific products. This can be done on the basis of a specific location (all products grown in a specific bay) or on the basis of a work order that is linked directly to one or several specific products. This makes it possible to use the Time App to compare the planned labor costs per product against the actual labor costs.

The Agriware Time App includes:

  • Work registration per activity/location (department, bay (sub section), path, pole)
  • Work registration per work order (planned work)
  • Checks on time spent per activity or work order
  • Assign labor costs directly to batches