Integrated Process Support

Nurseries that grow bedding plants and perennials usually have a wide range of products that are often grown at various locations in different departments. To manage sales forecasts, growing plans and the associated plans efficiently (for instance for space, labor and materials), bedding plant nurseries need a simple way of managing these processes.

Cultivation & Production

The cultivation of young plants from cuttings, seeds or tissue culture is supported, as is growing annual plants or perennials. Agriware always offers insights into the currently available capacity of all types of locations and departments, from concrete flooring, container systems or outdoor fields to rented greenhouse space. 

For the majority of these companies, drawing up a production plan is the basis for obtaining a clear picture of the ancillary plans. Based on those, decisions can be made or the cultivation plan can be modified. For instance:

  • Space utilization planning and a picture of the capacity of a location, department, bay (sub section) or specific path
  • Human resource planning and an overview of the permanent staff and temporary workers
  • Machine utilization planning and a picture of the capacity of e.g. potting machines and planting or sowing lines
  • Materials planning and the creation of a stock management and purchasing plan
  • Cost price calculations done in advance using standard values
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If we can link inspection data in addition to batch and climate data, then we can really start analyzing.

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Sales & Supplies

Unlike with flowering plants, sales of young plants are usually on an order-by-order basis. Cultivation is only started when there are actual orders. Production of these plants is also client-specific for many crops, e.g. making the cultivation period longer or shorter than normal or because extra materials, such as cutters or a certain tray or potting soil, must be used.

Agriware offers the right tools for these MTO (made-to-order) production methods to support these typical sales processes for young plants. 

We support also the MTS (made to stock) production method.

All the usual integrations with trading and auction systems are present in Agriware, so that exchanging lists of available supplies and receiving orders are supported in a simple way:

  • Electronic delivery forms and daily statements from the auctions
  • Florecom orders/virtual marketplace
  • Digital supplies/FloraXchange
  • Digital label messages


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