Learn more from your most valuable asset: customers

From issue to satisfied customer

How do your customers feel about your company and where are the bottlenecks? Your customer service department is in touch with the customer and acts as the eyes and ears of the company. By taking a smart and active look at service calls and setting up this process effectively, you transform a complaint into a positive experience.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service delivers a comprehensive range of functionalities for customer service. It starts with a chatbot that actually gives the relevant answers at that given moment. Next, an available agent takes over the contact. He or she then has all the information in front of him or her and can immediately provide a solution.

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Improve the customer experience with smart Customer Service

Transform a customer's problem into an opportunity

Smart Assist for consistent communication

Uniform communication in every branch, country or continent

Dynamics 365 Customer Service uses smart add-ons to help agents. For example, Smart Assist provides a suggested answer to the customer's question. The built-in AI learns from other questions and immediately provides a suggestion. The agent only has to check it and can apply this answer immediately.



Agent script widget

Make sure that everyone always goes through all the steps to reach a solution. With the built-in 'Agent script widget', it no longer matters whether someone has years of experience, or is just getting started.

Smart chatbot

Resolve more incoming calls with fewer people. By deploying the smart chatbot first, some issues are solved immediately and others are received in full.

Automatic surveys

Was the call handled satisfactorily? Or is there room for improvement in the way the agent handled the call or the solutions provided? Dynamics 365 Customer Service can automatically send out surveys.

Consistent customer information across all departments

Dynamics 365 Customer Service connects seamlessly with the other apps in the Dynamics 365 family. As a result, everyone looks at the same information and Sales simply transfers the customer from Sales to Customer Service. The customer enters the company through Marketing. That is where the first data is recorded. Sales converts the lead into a customer and makes the agreements. From the Customer Service department, it is easy to see which agreements have been made and what a customer is entitled to.

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a suite of business apps to increase productivity within your organisation. The platform offers apps to connect various departments within the organisation. This enables you to follow your customer from lead to customer service.


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