Sensitive information ending up in the wrong hands or being processed improperly is a high risk. You want to prevent this for strategic and competitive reasons, but regulations and supervision also have high demands. Careful design of the authorization structure is therefore an important condition for the implementation of ERP and CRM software.

In practice, authorization (the establishment of roles and rights) appears too often to be a closing point in the realization of an ERP project. The consequence of this is that business risks arise and increase with use. Ad hoc authorization can also mean a considerable workload for the system administrator. And finally, organizations that have not properly organized this often appear to have more licenses in operation than is actually necessary. With unnecessary costs as a result.

Mprise has experts with years of experience in the field of Authorizations in Dynamics AX. With our knowledge, experience and tools, we can be of service to you in setting up or optimizing authorizations in your Dynamics application.

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“Thanks to the expert and flexible deployment of Mprise, we were able to adjust the authorizations in a short period of time. It provided relief for the authorizations component and an important contribution to the realization of our implementation planning.''

Harry Lentferink, ICT Manager / Intern Projectmanager AX at Bolletje (The Netherlands)