• But sometimes you still identify the need for customization or a combination of a standard solution with some customization. This often concerns crucial parts of your business process and visible benefits for your employees and your customers.

    Mprise can help you to get more results from your Microsoft Dynamics environment with customization. With experience in many industries and extensive technological knowledge, Mprise Connect is able to translate your functional requirements and wishes into a stable and functioning solution. Our development methodology is aimed at providing you with a high-quality solution within clearly agreed frameworks of functionality and budget.

    Important starting points:

    • Unambiguous determination of the need for customization and the lack of possibilities within the standard software.
    • Seamless and stable connection to the standards of your platform.
    • Inclusion of customized upgrades in a maintenance contract.
    • Manageability of custom development and maintenance costs.

"The project went extremely well, the consultant helped us a lot. We now work much more efficiently."

Tommy 't Hart, Manager Financiën at Tergooi Hospital (the Netherlands)