• A good example is the by Mprise developed application Service Broker; a standard application that handles the exchange of data based on XML messages. The translation of data takes place in the broker on the basis of configurable parameters, so that the applications that are exchanged do not have to be adjusted.

    Examples of realized integrations:

    • Integrations using Scribe (data integration tooling)
    • Integrations with Office 365
    • Integrations with external EDI exchange from Descartes, for example electronic invoicing.
    • Integration with mobile applications for catalogs and order intake.
    • XML integrations with the Mprise Service Broker such as exchanging planning data with carriers.
    • Output Management integrations with Quadira Advanced Forms for complex reporting.

    Depending on your question and environment, at Mprise we always find a way to ensure that data exchange between applications takes place in a simple, well-managed and secure manner.