The significant advantage of Microsoft's MobileNAV over NAV's default interface is the offline feature. Thus, you can always work, even when you don't have any or a poor Internet connection.

MobileNAV simplifies existing NAV screens and renders them suitable for mobile use. The NAV logic is applied. The interface is very user-friendly, intuitive and adapts to the device in use.

Advantages of MobileNAV:

  • The app is available on all common mobile platforms.
  • Work offline is always possible.
  • GPS  allows the location recognition and the corresponding data can be displayed.
  • NAV’s business logic is applied.
  • Solutions are available out of the box.
  • The solution is intuitive, and end-users can perform without training.
  • Workflow allows you to enforce processes.
  • You can scan barcodes, display PDF and Excel, print directly, sign digitally. Moreover, standard integration with mail, maps, phone, and browser functionality is available.


Platforms - Dynamics iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone, Windows CE - MobileNAV - ERP anywhere