Agriware - E-Business 

De Agriware E-Business Floriculture provides the functionality to do business via the internet. This is vital functionality for the floricultural growers.  Watch the clip to get a global overview:


Agriware E-business Floriculture is part of IS Agriware®. This module is only delivered to companies connecting to the Dutch auction system. 


This module supports: 

  1. The EAB (Electronische Aanvoer Brief)  for digital interfacing with the Auction, and
  2. Standard Florecom messages and Digital Supply 

Using the Digital Supply module, you can manage and send Supply lists from a central point. The shipment can go to multiple Supply channels and to multiple customer groups requiring the minimal number of actions. Supply lists can be generated from Supply templates.

You will receive a Florecom Order when a customer orders a product from the Supply list. After accepting the Florecom Order, you can update the available amount with a click on the button. This way the Supply always stays up to date and you prevent having to tell a customer that your product is out of stock.


• Manage Supply per week/period, customer or customer group;
• Adjustable price list layout, it is possible to manage multiple layouts;
• Automatized generatation of unique Grower Item Numbers;
• Floricode-QUOTE protocol support for Supply shipping;
• Standard support for the FloraXchange web shop;
• Extendable with PlantConnect/MatchOnline (based on Floricode-QUOTE);
• Extendable with connector for your own web shop;
• Insight in the available Supply per web shop;
• Integration of Florecom order and sales order (manual or automatic Supply updates).