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At Mprise we have a team of enthusiastic and very experienced specialists in the field of Microsoft Dynamics AX, F&O, NAV and BC. Besides the in-depth knowledge they have of these platforms, they have also been involved in a wide variety of companies and projects. This means that this team can be deployed on a wide range of issues.
Lifecycle Dynamics 365 FO, BC, NAV, AX

Process Specialists of Mprise

Within your industry, there are several processes that are very similar to those in other industries. A company in the food industry has processes that are similar to a company working in the metal industry. They can both do process manufacturing. That is why we have specialists who are experts in processes and often have a strong affinity with industries.

From order to notification of completion

Within the manufacturing of goods, there are many choices to be made in the recording of the process. By cleverly looking at the strong points of the system and the current interpretation of processes, an increase in efficiency is often quickly visible. How is the OTIF-ratio in your company?


Design your process smarter

Whether you are a manufacturer of furniture, food or car parts, in most cases, there are raw materials, a production process (in which materials, hours and, among other things, waste have to be registered) and then a finished product and perhaps co-products and by-products. How do you record this in such a way that you can also earn something from it later on? Our consultants will help you make this translation.



Deliver more products from the same raw materials

Efficiency can make the difference between profit and loss. By taking a smart look at processes within your organisation, by turning certain knobs and improving the registration in Microsoft Dynamics, together we ensure that your capacity planning, for example, becomes more efficient. 

Within the food industry, there is a wide variety of processes that depend on the product being delivered. Is it long or short shelf life, is there a production process or is there only assembly or even just repackaging of articles. Each branch has its own challenges. 

Get a better grip on stock and sales

Do you know what stock is in which place and how long it has been there? And when do you purchase items? The shorter items are 'on the shelf', the better it is for the turnover rate and thus the turnover. 

Many trading companies have little understanding of the current stock value. This may be because it is not recorded correctly, but also because they do not know how to get it out of the system easily. This is one of the expertises within Mprise Improve. 

We help (wholesale) trading companies to get a grip on their daily practice. Making ERP more efficient is part of it, but also thinking along about the logic behind some processes. A fresh look can be very enlightening.


Stock always in the right place

Which items are non-movers and which items are (too) often out of stock? Keep a grip on stock in the shop and at the DC.

In retail, it is often about margin and conversion. However, there are various areas in which profits can be made. Think for example of the streamlining of the procurement process. Mprise' specialists help organizations continuously with this process.

The place of stock is also decisive for success. A product can be a non-mover in one shop and a success in another shop. By ensuring that there are as few non-movers as possible and stock can move between branches, you increase efficiency and margin. 

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