Workshop Dynamics CRM geschikt voor mijn organisatie?

Als IT- of Salesspecialist zal het u niet zijn ontgaan dat de afgelopen jaren Dynamics CRM een begrip aan het worden is in de wereld van CRM-oplossingen. Microsoft Dynamics CRM wordt bij steeds meer bedrijven geïmplementeerd. In deze workshop krijgt u in een halve dag een totaalbeeld van de mogelijkheden van Dynamics CRM. In de nieuwste demo omgeving kunt u de voordelen van dit pakket zelf ervaren, waardoor u kunt bepalen of Dynamics CRM voor uw organisatie geschikt is. Lees meer...

Performance Testing and Monitoring Tools

Performance Testing and Monitoring Tools allow you to measure the performance of a Dynamics 365 Business Central Server system and to detect and diagnose issues in production environments. Learning about the performance testing and monitoring tools will enable you to answer questions such as:

How do I determine if my Business Central Server deployment can support 100/300/500 users?
How can I measure the impact of changes to my Business Central Server solution or infrastructure?
How do I know what is happening on my Business Central Server when users experience performance issues?
How can I see what are the most expensive/frequent operations on my NAV Server?

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Test Automation


In any Business Central project, be it a one-off customer project or a generic product update, testing tends to be at the end of the cycle. Next to that, due to moving intermediate deadlines, it often gets squeezed between code ready and the final delivery. In our changing world with a higher frequency of minor and major releases, and a higher demand of customers to be up-to-date, manual testing is becoming more and more a major bottleneck in our development practice. And be honest: looking at many projects with their to high rate of after go-live issues we have to leverage testing. Test automation can be of great help in this. So get yourself updated and prepared to get this included in your development practice.

In this two day’s workshop you will learn about the concept of automated testing. How to write automated tests in Business Central and how to make use of the Microsoft standard tests with as little as effort as possible.

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Machine Learning 101 Crash Course

Understand what Machine Learning is, how it differs from traditional programming, how to build your own predictive Artificial Intelligence and consume it from Business Central.

For a decade’s programmers used traditional algorithms to solve specific problems. But did you know that ‘if-else’ is not the only way to write code? Did you know that data can be an algorithm itself! Yes – true. All we need is to use data in a smart way. And that’s where Machine Learning can help.

In this 2-day workshop you will learn

  • what general problems could be solved through machine learning?
  • what is machine learning itself?
  • how can YOU solve your customer problems with machine learning?

At the end you will learn how using Dynamics 365 Business Central and machine learning in pairs, you can quickly and easily solve problems that were previously difficult or impossible.

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