About Mprise

Mprise (est. 1991) is specialized in Dynamics NAV, Dynamics AX and Dynamics CRM. Three individual software applications which support the business processes of many companies in a large variety of sectors. Mprise supports over a hundred companies using these applications. Mprise is driven by the following core values:

  • Craftsmanship. Mprise puts great value in continuous education of their employees. Mprise employees make freely use of the Mprise Academy and each employee is allowed a yearly budget to develop him- or herself through outside training in their area of expertise or in skills.

  • People-orientated. Mprise values people. Mprise believes that its employees are the most valuable asset of the company, because of their knowledge and skills. They cooperate with the key users of customers to add value to software applications. In the end, it is all about our customers’ key and end users, because they have to do their job. That is why Mprise ensures that they get the ICT support they need. We do not support business processes in the first place, but we support customer users of Dynamics NAV, AX or CRM applications, focusing on everyone's responsibilities

Mprise has a stable management team. The management of the five business units (with about 80 persons working here) is done by the following three persons:


Joop de Jong - CEO and director of Mprise Agriware and Mprise Analytics

Since 1984 working in the IT sector. Involved from the start in various capacities in the development and implementation of ERP software. Started the Mprise Group in 1991 with the drive to make companies successful by using the right software.

Joop has a strong belief in the vision that people belong central in the enterprise and that software should help them to perform their responsibilities in the enterprise.



Mirjam Berntsen - director Mprise Academy and Mprise Lean

Since 1988 I work in IT. Since then I have had various roles in implementation, training and management. Both at end user organisations and at IT-companies.

A lot has changed in the past years. However, the synergy between employees, company processes and IT is still central. When they enforce each other, that offers an organisation strength. As Mprise we would like to enable that for our customers.




Renger Reitsema - director Mprise Connect

Since I came in touch with ERP systems in 1995 I believe in integral software solutions for companies. In various roles (among others consultancy, sales and management), I have been involved in implementations of Baan and Microsoft Dynamics ERP.

Supporting companies as an extension of their own organisations gives added value and continuïty to the primary process. With technical means and knowledge, but especially creativity, the optimum can be obtained from software.