The PowerPlatform consists of 3 apps: Power BI, PowerApps and Microsoft Automate.

With the Power Platform, Microsoft has established an instrument that allows anyone without much IT knowledge to build and maintain an advanced business application themselves.

As a knowledge partner of Microsoft, Mprise has all the knowledge to train your organization in the use of the Power Platform. With this, you and your colleagues are trained to build their own apps with PowerApps, to automate business processes with Microsoft Flow and to measure real-time performance with Power BI.

Whether you want to follow training courses on the Power Platform, or want to use the advanced knowledge of our consultancy to automate your business processes, you have come to the right place at Mprise. Maybe you want an app for your technicians on the road or your field sales staff. This app will also have to work well with your ERP / CRM or other business software. PowerApps makes this easy through integrations with all Microsoft products and more.