Second opinion

Sometimes you need a second opinion for a decision you have to make, such as a proposal for redesigning the suite, or for developing customised solutions, or for installing an upgrade or carrying out a migration.
The company is yours and therefore, when changes occur, you must be in the driver's seat and not be dependent, in terms of process or solution, on your suppliers. A professional, objective analysis and an independent advice is then essential. Mprise can take care of that for you.

Health Check - Checklist

First of all, in close consultation with you on the basis of a checklist, the content and the scope of the Health Check will be determined. Then a Mprise consultant will perform the analysis with your core users. The following themes can come up for discussion: the effective use of Microsoft Dynamics, the knowledge level of users and the management of the application.
When setting up Microsoft Dynamics, the focus of Mprise is aimed at making use of standard Microsoft Dynamics as much as possible, reducing custom work and/or the use of add-ons. Mprise performs the Health Check on Microsoft Dynamics NAV (from version 2.6) or on Microsoft Dynamics AX (from version 3.0).

The result - A report with concrete expectations and advice

Depending on the specific agreements made with you, you will receive
A report with bottlenecks and recommendations for possible solutions. The assessment will also include the concrete expectations of the
business management and the users of the application. The authorization structure used and the process of taking software updates into production are also examined as standard.

A report with advice on points on which a decision must be taken. Possible proposals from third parties are included. This includes advice on the following
Redesign of the system;
Customisation to be developed;
The installation of upgrades;
The implementation of migrations to new versions of the software.

Health Check - Performance Microsoft

Performance problems with your Microsoft Dynamics AX or NAV application? There's little else you can think of that causes so much annoyance to users of the application. It can happen. Often only after long and intensive use of the application. The cause of the problem is not always easy to pinpoint. However, insight into the problem and knowledge of the problem is an important condition for finding a solution.

Our solution - Technical screening

Mprise has developed an approach for the complete technical screening of your Microsoft Dynamics AX or NAV system. This approach is called a technical health check. The thermometer is as it were inserted into your system. The approach includes:

Switching on various performance monitors. For a number of days, they monitor the use of the processor capacity, the memory usage and the use of the disks, among other things.
The installed software is scrutinised. This concerns the version of the operating system, the installed updates and how these work together.
The possible use of the SQL server is examined. It is examined whether the settings of SQL-Server are optimal for Microsoft Dynamics AX or NAV. Possibly an update of the software needs to be installed.
The functioning of the hardware is investigated. This concerns the use of hard disks and the control of raid controllers. It is possible that an upgrade of the software, hardware or firmware is necessary.
The security of the system may not be missing in this investigation. Mprise looks at the settings of the firewall, the opening of ports, the use of passwords and the access to the Internet.

The result

After these checks and measurements, you will receive an extensive report with the results of the investigation. All performed actions are described and elaborated therein. The critical points that require immediate attention are clearly indicated. Naturally, advice on keeping or making your system temperature controllable will not be missing.

Second Opinion ERP Choice

Mprise has broad and deep knowledge of Microsoft Dynamics. We are therefore often asked to look along at implementations and migrations to help companies make good decisions and to analyse stalled projects.

This often leads to a mediation process, in which we work together with the customer and the implementation partner to get projects back on track.

Causes for a project or cooperation to get stuck often lie in (lack of) communication, knowledge and changing course within the cooperation. We can think along and offer support from an independent role. We have ensured that various, sometimes at first sight hopeless, situations have been refloated.

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