General ledger settlements can help you gain good insights into the balances of general ledger accounts. With the Solution for Settlement in Dynamics AX2012 and FO, you can automatically settle the transactions on the suspense accounts for receipts and packing slips.

How does automatic settlement work for receipts and packing slips?

From the general ledger and sub ledgers for purchase orders and sales orders, the general ledger transactions are searched by the Mprise Solution. When these ledger transactions close, they are settled.
Because of the link with the sub-administration, the automatic settlement is 100% accurate. Of the transactions that unexpectedly do not close you get a crystal clear overview. This gives you a very good insight into the balances on these ledger accounts.

Download hier de compacte flyer over het proces van automatisch vereffenen

Automatic settlement saves a lot of time

The Solution for Settlement in Dynamics AX2012 and FO offers the possibility of settling general ledger transactions via batch processing. This means that settlement can be carried out throughout the year, without taking up any extra time. This gives you continuous insight into the substantiation of the balances for these temporary ledger accounts and enables you to make corrections where necessary throughout the year.

Three steps to determine whether automatic settlement is a solution for your organisation?

To help you determine if the Solution for Settlement in Dynamics AX2012 and FO developed by Mprise can do something for your organization, we offer the following three steps:

  1. A free webinar where we explain the Solution for Settlement in Dynamics AX2012 and FO and give a demo. These webinars take place monthly
  2. Are you still enthusiastic after the webinar? We offer you a Proof of Concept where you can use the Solution for Settlement in Dynamics AX2012 or FO for three weeks on your own test environment. This way you can experience with your own General Ledger transactions what this Mprise Solution for Liquidation in Dynamics AX2012 or FO can mean.
  3. Has the Proof of Concept convinced you? We are happy to advise you on the final implementation in your Dynamics environment.

"We can automatically offset receipts and invoices against each other, which gives us a clean balance sheet and lets us know exactly which goods are yet to be received or invoiced. The Solution saves us a considerable amount of time in manual operations."


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