What is Learning Consultancy?

Develop the best training programme ever, precisely tailored to your needs

Within Learning Consultancy learning is the main theme. We support organisations in setting up training courses and the corresponding material. Because at Mprise we always give training within the Dynamics domain, we know this product inside out. This ensures that we have gained experience in a lot of situations and often know in a short time where action is needed.

Challenges in training

How do you get a team to work if not everyone was in favour of the new system? Or if teams from different departments or even countries need to be trained? In some cases, teaching people how to work with a system is considered too late. These are challenging circumstances, where it is nice to have an experienced trainer at your side to get a solid training off the ground in a short time.

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Stages & themes within Learning Consultancy

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Each stage within the product lifecycle requires its own approach. Just starting out with Microsoft Dynamics 365? Then the theme is Introduction & Onboarding. If the system has been in use for a number of years, then other themes come into play. Think of Data Culture, Cybersecurity, Compliance or for example Sustainability.