ERP that supports the growth of your organisation

Dynamics 365 Business Central empowers SMEs to be more engaged in business processes. Less focus on IT, more on achieving business goals. 

With Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, you don't just choose an ERP solution, but Microsoft delivers a complete ecosystem of solutions and links that help your organisation realise its ambitions.

Power Platform, among others, delivers a very powerful extension with Power BI, Power Apps and Power Automate that are linked together under one roof. This means that you can say goodbye to the extensive list of custom couplings and 'tools' from third parties.

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Business Central from Microsoft, for you

Prepare your organisation for the future

Choose a platform that is ready to support your growth. Cost-efficient, effective and easy to use.

Business Central is standard already very complete. The Mprise approach is therefore focused on the best possible deployment of all standard components. Updates run therefore smoothly and extensions can be switched off easily.

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Functionality | Smarter buying, selling, production, inventory and more

All-in-one with Dynamics 365 Business Central

Align departments by having them all work within one solution. This makes people collaborate better and boosts efficiency. 

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Improved insight into processes

KPIs for all! Provide every user with daily insights into their KPIs. This way, every user has a better view on performance and how to improve it.

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Track from first contact to ambassador

Deliver better service to your customer through versatile insights into stock, delivery times and cross- and upsell. Your customer is served better, you have sold more.

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Always connected through Cloud

Wherever you are, you can always log into your Business Central environment with your Microsoft account. Your new ERP system will be fully cloud-based. Critical business data is stored safely and securely.

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Grip on projects

Easily use time sheets and plan projects directly from Business Central. This way, your project management is clear and always up-to-date.

Connect Business Central with Power Platform

Extend the functionality of Dynamics 365 Business Central with the power of Power Platform. Automate, optimise and visualise easily and quickly.

Build time-saving apps

Make smart use of Power Apps and deploy apps to make data entry easier. For example, build an inspection app to easily record the status of a machine or vehicle. Powerful integration with Power Automate allows you to instantly reserve or order parts and minimise downtime for your organisation.

The possibilities of Power Apps are endless. From a workplace registration app to entire POS systems, inventory management or reservations apps for customers. Read more about Power Apps here.

Dynamics 365 Business Central


Automate repetitive processes

In every organisation, people are engaged in activities that can be automated. Think of entering invoices, the job of allocating hours or simply reminding colleagues that tasks still need to be done.

You can build extensive workflows with Power Automate. Within Power Automate, 'triggers' ensure that tasks are fired. From a simple process to a very extensive flow of tasks.

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Visualise data and make better decisions faster

Power BI delivers essential insights into all daily processes. This makes it easier to make well-informed decisions and you will be aware of any deviations sooner. 

You no longer make adjustments based on gut feelings, but on facts.

More about Power BI

Power BI dashboard vanuit Power Platform

Speed up the first contact, virtually

With Power Virtual Agents, you can easily create chat flows to answer every contact on the website faster or convert them into leads.

Dynamics 365 Business Central gekoppeld aan Power Apps


Mprise as yourBusiness Central partner

At Mprise we value self-reliance. That is what we are and that is how we help our customers. Mprise therefore does not only implement Microsoft Dynamics 365, but also makes sure that D365 BC is used in the right way. 

We do this with a powerful organization in which we educate within Mprise Academy, implement with Mprise Business Solutions and improve within Mprise Improve. 

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 BC for Finance

Gain insights into all the financial processes within your organisation. Business Central easily shows data from sales, inventory, purchase, accounts receivable and accounts payable through integrated Power BI dashboards

Besides built-in dashboards, Business Central is easy to link with Power BI. This enables you to relate data from other solutions to data from Business Central.

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 BC for Supply Chain

With the built-in Warehouse Management (WMS) module, you always have an up-to-date picture of stocks and stock locations. 

This enables you, among other things, to arrange order picking more intelligently. But also to work with a Bill of Materials (BOM) and, for example, to develop better routing within your company. This saves you time and makes your work more enjoyable!

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central FAQ

Where do I ask my questions?

If you have questions about your Dynamics 365 BC environment, you can find answers from others on Microsoft's community page

Or read the Business Central blog to find solutions to various problems.

No time to search or didn't find a solution? Feel free to let us know. Our specialists have seen a lot of cases and provide a lot of added value in a short time.

Where can I buy Business Central?

Business Central is sold and delivered by a global network of Dynamics 365 partners. 

Mprise is a member of this global partner landscape and helps you implement, train and on-board Dynamics 365 Business Central. 

You can find more about the pricing of Business Central on the pricing page.

What is the difference between On-Premise and Online?

The most important difference is the storage location. An On-Premise environment is stored in the IT infrastructure of your organisation. When you work with Business Central in the Cloud, it is stored in the Microsoft Azure environment. 

One of the advantages of Online is that you don't have to worry about maintenance and security of the server. A disadvantage is that you do not always have insight into the costs and it feels like your data is further away from your company. However, the past few years have shown that Microsoft manages its Cloud environments very meticulously and that the security risks are very small.

Is there a trial to try out BC?

There is! To get a feel for Dynamics 365 Business Central, you can create a test environment. You can do that here. You can enter your details here and then get 30 days of access to your test environment. 

After 30 days, you still haven't had the chance to see what the value of BC is for your organisation? You can extend this period by 30 days. You can find more information about this here.

Where is the 'save' button in Dynamics 365?

Business Central no longer has a save button. As soon as you move to the next field, your changes are automatically saved. If no errors are found, you will see the status change from 'Saving' to 'Saved' at the top right of the screen.


How do I get started with Dynamics 365 BC?

Although Mprise can fully help you with an implementation and corresponding on-boarding, it is always good to know what the first steps are.