Become self-sufficient and transform systems into added value

Knowledge brings growth

The purchase of a system such as ERP, CRM or apps like those from the Power Platform are often accompanied by an implementation, followed by use. During an implementation, there is often a tight focus on the scope of the project. It is easy to lose sight of the knowledge component. While that is exactly where the success of the project comes from. The Mprise Academy focuses on making organizations self-reliant. Through training and workshops we help you not only to implement, but also to successfully use IT in your company.

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How we help organisations

Ambition is central to every organisation. It is usually a dot on the horizon and often requires growth. To be able to grow, knowledge is needed. Knowledge leads to improvement. Think of better handling of the system, smarter processes or, for example, simply knowing where to click. In time, a new demand often follows. This is when innovation comes into play. A new system, a new method or a new team is introduced. Following renewal is learning. After all, you have to learn to deal with new technology, processes or people.

Inspires and challenges, full of passion

Our trainers inspire companies in various roles and layers within organisations. By stimulating here and there, sessions not only become instructive, but also function as teambuilding. This way, we bring teams together and they are able to be more successful. 


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