We offer a full range of certifications. This will range from beginner to advanced. Achieve the next level of knowledge with the Agriware certifications to operate with the most advanced software for horticulture. Gear up for the developments of software and smart AI applications that are going to make the difference for every horticultural business in the upcoming years.

Agriware Certified Badge Fundamentals

Business Fundamentals

Agriware Business Fundamentals will know how to control, navigate, and use the application efficiently as a system or application. You can plan & manage your processes with Agriware 365

Agriware Certified Badge Associate

Agriware Associate

Agriware Business Associate will not only know how to control, navigate, and use the application. You can steer your processes with Agriware 365 and find more advanced outcomes.

Agriware Certified Badge Expert

Agriware Expert

As the Agriware Expert level, you can master Agriware 365 You can make predictions with data available and work with advanced Insights.