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Cross data with your expertise. Take your processes to the next level using integrated software from Agriware 365. Choose your sector below and discover our Dutch expertise in multiplication software. 

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Seeds Multiplication management software

Vegetable Seeds

Automate the traceability chain of seeds. Keep track of history and actions. Link external data for a complete picture.

Seed Software

Ornamental seeds

Create new varieties using advanced intergral software to understand and adjust all processes.

Stekken cuttings software


As a production company of rooted and unrooted cuttings, it is important to be able to properly manage...

Tissue Culture software

Tissue Culture

Every action to be performed, including inspections, can be recorded by the user prior to cutting the material.

Multiplication management software
" Improved data analysis of cross-pollination and breeding"
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Schoneveld Breeding, The Netherlands

Multiplication management software

Scouting & Logging

Capture inspections with your smartphone or tablet.

Secure everything integrally in Agriware 365. Faster, smarter and fewer errors. With insights you can make adjustments on time. Scouting and history in 1 place, online and offline.

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Multiplication Software 365

More data, better insights.

No more excel lists, but smart dashboards. Multiplication is a complex process with numerous variables and dependencies. The planning issue is complex and requires an efficient solution.

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Software to get an integrated grip on your horticultural business

We deliver foundation for growth

Software for greenhouses. Global horticulture is digitizing at a rapid pace and for every problem there is a digital solution. But who can ensure the cohesion of the digital landscape? An integrated digital landscape is more important than ever, it is the key to a successful organization in the long term.

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Agriware 365 BC

Complete ERP management software for horticulture. Manage and control processes better and more efficiently. Ensure a complete overview.

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operations 365

Agriware 365 Operations

Agriware 365 Operations (apps) is fully designed according to the role of the employee and provides support for the work and processes in the field.

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Agriware 365 Analytics

Analytics 365 provides intelligent insights, a 360-degree view of present, past, and future, and adjusts operational systems as needed. Connect all data.

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Schoneveld Multiplication Software
Rijk Zwaan Multiplication Software
Ter Laak Multiplication Software
Green Circle Growers Multiplication Software
Sion Multiplication Software

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