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Track & Trace Seed Production

Automate the traceability chain of seeds. Create new varieties. Keep track of history and actions. Link external data for a complete picture. Actions and inspections can be planned in advance or added on an ad hoc basis during cultivation. Throughout the crop lifecycle, new data or images can be added quickly. 

  1. Harvest yields should be recorded since many companies have contracts with subsidiaries and external growers.
  2. Agriware 365 relates each step to a production batch.
  3. The traceability chain creates a complete record of what is done, where, and by whom.

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Stekken cuttings-1Cuttings

Properly manage your cuttings. This not only concerns the management of mother plants at home or abroad, but also the coordination between the planned sales forecast, actual orders and the next (un)rooted cuttings production.

  1. Mother plant & Cuttings rooting management - Overview of all abnormalities during cuttings production
  2. Stock management of cold storage - Insight into the availability, date of picking, origin and location of the cuttings.
  3. Surplus and shortage of unrooted cutting - Compare the planned availability of unrooted cutting (URC) and rooted cutting (RC) against the expected demand for unrooted sales orders and rooting order

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Chemist holding a pane with tests of plants in laboratoryTissue Culture

Get more control over your multiplication and scrap reasons in your tissue culture processes. Every action to be performed, including inspections, can be recorded by the user prior to cutting the material. Manage your tissue culture processes integrally. 

  1. Quality - Mobile Apps to make inspections and integrally share data regarding quality, health, growth, and yield.
  2. Manage increase op batches - keep the overview
  3. The user can record every action -  prior to cutting the plant material.
  4. Location management - Moving trays becomes manageable in Agriware

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We want to see more standard processes and integration with our farms internationally

Ernst Barendrecht, CFO Royal van Zanten

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Royal van Zanten

"Improved data-analysis of seed production"

Schoneveld Breeding

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Royal van Zanten


With over 1,200 employees, Royal van Zanten is an international leader in the breeding and propagation of cut flowers and potted plants. Together with the team of Mprise Agriware, we have made great progress in recent years to make processes more streamlined with the help of software. "Agriware offers us in-depth insights that allow us to make better-informed choices. This enables us to improve our quality and increase our margins."

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Software to get an integrated grip on your horticultural business

We deliver foundation for growth

Software for greenhouses. Global horticulture is digitizing at a rapid pace and for every problem there is a digital solution. But who can ensure the cohesion of the digital landscape? An integrated digital landscape is more important than ever, it is the key to a successful organization in the long term.

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Agriware 365 BC

Complete ERP management software for horticulture. Manage and control processes better and more efficiently. Ensure a complete overview.

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operations 365

Agriware 365 Operations

Agriware 365 Operations (apps) is fully designed according to the role of the employee and provides support for the work and processes in the field.

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Agriware 365 Analytics

Analytics 365 provides intelligent insights, a 360-degree view of present, past, and future, and adjusts operational systems as needed. Connect all data.

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