Agriware 365 for Microsoft Business Central

  1. Agriware 365 Business Central is a collection of apps for Dynamics 365 Business Central, providing a solid foundation for any horticultural company dealing with living materials.
  2. 15+ Years of experience is captured in this generic and flexible software solution, which helps you tackle labor management, space planning, and production planning challenges.
  3. As you would expect from a tailored business solution, sourcing, warehouse management, sales & finance processes are fully supported.



Agriware 365 unifies data across your organization, connecting your people with continuous insights, to adapt to everyday changes.

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Optimize operational efficiency with Horticulture ERP

Using Microsoft technology, Agriware 365 is open to all kind of integrations. Next to our out of the box connectors, custom integrations can easily be realized. Typical integration we do:

•    MES systems (automated greenhouses)
•    EDI interfaces with suppliers and customers
•    Master-ERP <> Farm management
•    Transport Management System


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Key Features
•    Sales & Production Forecasting
•    Production Planning and registration
•    Plant, Tray and Lot Tracking
•    Item Availability 
•    Labor planning 
•    Space planning 
•    Job Costing
•    Quality control
•    Work floor scheduling and registration
•    Time registration and export to payroll system
•    Container administration
•    Load optimization
•    Picking, Packing & Shipping
•    Contract management outsourced production - licenses
•    Produce to Order, Produce to Stock

Typical Challenges for Horticulture Companies

What is ERP Software? ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning, and it is a powerful software solution designed to integrate and streamline various business processes across different departments. With ERP, you can effectively manage operations, finances, inventory, sales, and more from a single unified platform.

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Production Planning

10 Ways: Forecast planning, cultivation schedules, batch templates, work orders, etc. 
  1. What can I do to optimize my work planning?
  2. What are the best ways to organize my labor?
  3. What (pot) materials do I need?
  4. Is my space being utilized to its full potential?
  5. If I produce batches this way, will I run out of space eventually?
  6. Is it possible to reschedule batch schedules so that I can make better use of my space?
  7. What's the history of this plant?
  8. Is the schedule being followed and have the planned actions been completed?
  9. Did I expect more or fewer rejections?
  10. Should I change my production plan for next year?

Sales & contracts

Florecom orders, electronic delivery forms, Image Auctioning, supply lists, customer preferences, etc.
  1. Is this order available for immediate acceptance?
  2. In the long run, how much of my stock can I expect to be available for sale?
  3. Is there already an outstanding long-term order on my account?
  4. How can I share my stock easily?
  5. Using a single location, how can I send my lists of products to different webshops?
  6. Can I keep track of what supplies I make available where and to whom?
  7. My orders must be delivered exactly according to the specifications. How can I do that?
  8. What is the best way to record customer agreements?
  9. On orders, how do I apply customer specifications?
  10. Do the packing slips need to show customer specifications?
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Chart of accounts, VAT returns, opening balance, journal transactions, etc.
  1. Which plants are the most profitable for me?
  2. How much does each batch cost?
  3. What is the total profit of a batch?
  4. What is the breakdown of costs per batch?
  5. What product range should I sell?
  6. What are my best customers?
  7. What are my top customers?
  8. What customer generates the most revenue?
  9. My plants are sold to whom at what average price?

Space planning

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  1. Manage available space capacity per location and section
  2. Insight in both history, and short and long-term space capacity
  3. Find and resolve space capacity bottlenecks
  4. Graphical maps of locations and sections
  5. Optimal space planning


Inventory & Logistics

  1. Warehouse management.
  2. Support for plant picking process to order and to stock
  3. Support for packing process (composite products)
  4. Optimized load structures (container, pallet, cart layout)
  5. Shipment planning for own drivers
  6. Container administration (reusable items)

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