Agriware 365-1

Business Management Software for large-scale Greenhouses 

Agriware 365 is a suite of software modules that support the business processes of growers. 

  1. Delivers superior operational efficiency based on Microsoft Dynamics
  2. Become more agile and reduce complexity without increasing costs.
With our experts and smart software, we anticipate the rapidly changing world. We are driven by progress. Our Sharp Minds bring a refreshing touch with inspiring, decisive solutions to every organization.
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Standard software, but we do this personal and committed

Mprise wants to be meaningful and deliver long term value to horticultural companies worldwide with the deployment of company-wide ERP software.  Our software gives grip and the right insights to make data-driven choices.


Diagram of the Agriware structure

The batches (jobs) are usually created from the forecast and have all the data required for cultivation. A batch with cultivation activities consists of an item, properties, cultivation schedule and batch template. 

During cultivation, the activities are recorded for the batch. This makes it possible to view the current status of cultivation at any moment and compare it against the original planning. The batch (job) provides the inputs needed for setting up the space planning and for the planned levels of stocks available for sale.

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ERP Overveiw


Agriware 365 unifies data across your organization, connecting your people with continuous insights, to adapt to everyday changes.

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Typical challenges for horticulture companies

The software gives you answers to the following questions.

Agriware 365-1Production and Planning

Forecast planning, cultivation schedules, batch templates, work orders, etc.
  1. What has to be done this week and what do I need?
  2. How many people do I need to pot all the batches?
  3. Which pots and other materials do I need?
  4. Am I making optimum use of my space?
  5. Will I run out of space at some point if I want to produce batches in this way?
  6. Can I shift batch schedules around in order to make better use of my space?
  7. What history does this plant have?
  8. Have the planned actions been completed and performed according to the schedule?
  9. Have there been more or fewer rejects than I expected?
  10. Do I have to change my production plan for next year?

Sales & contracts

Florecom orders, electronic delivery forms, Image Auctioning, supply lists, customer preferences, etc.
  1. Can I accept this order NOW?
  2. How many plants can I sell now and how much of my stock do I expect to be available for sale in the long term?
  3. Do I already have outstanding long-term orders?
  4. What’s an easy way of sharing my stock with the world?
  5. How can I send my lists of what’s available to different webshops from a single location?
  6. How do I stay in control of what supplies I make available where? And to whom?
  7. How do I deliver my orders exactly according to specifications?
  8. How can I record the customer agreements properly?
  9. How do I apply customer specifications to orders?
  10. Can I have the customer specifications shown clearly on the packing slips? 


Chart of accounts, VAT returns, opening balance, journal transactions, etc.
  1. What plants make me the most money?
  2. What are the costs per batch?
  3. How much money has a batch made?
  4. How do the costs per batch break down?
  5. Am I selling the right product range?
  6. Who are my best customers?
  7. Who do I sell the most plants to?
  8. Which customer generates the most revenue?
  9. Who pays what average price for my plants?


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