Management Software for large-scale growers

Instantly manage, measure & track the performance of your crops. Control the process from forecast to delivery and enables you to optimally align production with demand. Based on your planning, you can easily make agreements with your supplier regarding the delivery of starting materials. Optimize production optimal area planning and labor till finance.

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We support every horticultural process, from seed to sale

Agriware supports the total supply chain, from seed to sale. Plan your forecast with scenarios. Automate production proposals and plan labor, area and materials. Plan ahead and backwards.

AdobeStock_90253353Advanced Production Planning  

  1. Support both production to order & production to stock processes
  2. Forecast planning with scenario’s
  3. Automated production plan proposal
  4. Integral planning of labor, areal and materials
  5. Forward and backward planning

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logistics afj45Inventory & Logistics

  1. Warehouse management.
  2. Support for plant picking process to order and to stock
  3. Support for packing process (composite products)
  4. Optimized load structures (container, pallet, cart layout)
  5. Shipment planning for own drivers
  6. Container administration (reusable items)

sales availabilitySales

  1. Order management (EDI, )
  2. Accurate product availability
  3. Price management
  4. Pre- and post-calculation Sales Margins (produce to order)
  5. Composite products (pot, sleeve, sticker)

COST per product phase cultivationCosting & Finance

  1. Activity based costing and integrated in financial administration (WIP)
  2. Collect direct production costs (Material, Labor) with workfloor registration
  3. Assign indirect production costs (Space utilization, energy, overhead) based on consumed area / lead time.

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Ornamental growingSpaceplanning

  1. Manage available space capacity per location and section
  2. Insight in both history, and short and long-term space capacity
  3. Find and resolve space capacity bottlenecks
  4. Graphical maps of locations and sections
  5. Optimal space planning
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Analyzing labor performance reduces production costs and optimizes operations

Agriware 365 Analytics

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Analyzing labor performance reduces production costs and optimizes operations

The ability to see planned vs. actual consumption of space, labor, materials and yields allows better planning.

Production Insights

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Production & Cultivation Analytics

Identify your pre- and post-calculation production costs to keep your cost price in check. (Actual) energy costs included.

Production Insights

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COST per product phase cultivation

Software to get an integrated grip on your horticultural business

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Software for horticulture. Global horticulture is digitizing at a rapid pace and for every problem there is a digital solution. But who can ensure the cohesion of the digital landscape? An integrated digital landscape is more important than ever, it is the key to a successful organization in the long term.

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Agriware 365 BC

Complete ERP management software for horticulture. Manage and control processes better and more efficiently. Ensure a complete overview.

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operations 365

Agriware 365 Operations

Agriware 365 Operations (apps) is fully designed according to the role of the employee and provides support for the work and processes in the field.

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Agriware 365 Analytics

Analytics 365 provides intelligent insights, a 360-degree view of present, past, and future, and adjusts operational systems as needed. Connect all data.

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