Especially in times of economic recession, you have to step-up the game of management. Make choices. Even if those choices are unpopular. Even when you do not know in advance whether you are making the right choices. However, there is more pressure. The impact of choices in times of crisis is enormous, financially but also emotionally. Leaving a greenhouse empty or shutting down a business has a huge emotional impact on everyone involved.

Future of your company

Making choices becomes easier when you have the right information. Understanding actual costs, margins, and efficiency can help you make reasoned choices. This is nothing new, but in this day and age, it is crucial to secure the future of your business. The good news: you probably already have a lot of data that you haven't done anything with until now. These insights can provide what you need. In particular, if an ERP system has been implemented, you are probably not far away from insights that will help you move forward.

Next step in organizational maturity

So is it that simple? Yes and no. Getting systems in order and developing insights is not the problem. A modern ERP provider can quickly help you get the insights you need, which will give you an enormous advantage. The challenge is more in (re-)organizing. The growing demand for insight requires growth in organizational maturity. This means: more structured work, established work processes, and more measurement. Do this in a focused way. First, determine what insights you need, then organize data provision and work processes.


 Maturity Agriware

Be ready for the future and make your systems work even more for you. A golden opportunity. Seize this opportunity right away to future-proof your organization. We are ready for you.